Amish Farmyard
©1983 by Ami Simms
23" x 23"

      I wanted to make a quilt to thank the Amish family I stayed with while I did research for my undergraduate thesis in college. It was going to be a huge pictorial medallion bed quilt, but the more I thought about it, I realized the less likely the quilt would ever get off the drawing board. First, I was having difficulty coming up with enough images I really wanted to make, beyond this first one. Second, I wanted my friends to use the quilt and since the Amish aren’t really into appliqué (especially on their beds!) I came to the realization that it would probably wind up in a closet. Third, I was running out of time. I had decided to make them a “thank-you” quilt about 6 years before! So, I opted for a smaller quilt that might actually get finished.

      As it turned out, I made three identical quilts. My mom helped me get the lines of the barn and did some of the embroidery, so I figured she should get one. As long as I was making one for my Amish friends and one for my mom, I made one for myself also. They are just about identical except for the color of the dress.

      I stitch my pictorial quilts with a ladder stitch that I call Invisible Applique And yes, my Amish friends hang their quilt on the wall and not in the closet. I am truly honored.