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The Ami Simms Newsletter
April 2001

Hello again and welcome to another installment of the newsletter. If you should accidentally delete this, don't worry, I'll also put a copy on the website: Click on FREE Newsletter for recent past issues and the "gems" sections which just have my favorite parts.

As always you're encouraged to send this entire newsletter to anyone who will accept delivery. Don't be shy. Just tell them where you got it and how they can get their own. Tell them to email amisimms@aol.com.

There are a few new additions to this last month. I've put more of my quilts on-line and finally got your photo-quilts and Picture Play Quilts up and running too. Click QUILTS. If you'd like to share your Photo-Quilts and your Picture Play Quilts, there's an easier way to do it now. Hopefully it will now only take days instead of months (years?) to update them. Directions are on the page. If your quilt was there, but isn't now, please submit it again. Some of the images were corrupted in the switchover from the "old" page to the "new." Some I lost and I may never find again.

There are also a two more links on the (what else?) LINKS page. The first is for Lost Quilts. In addition to possibly helping someone locate a missing quilt, you can learn lots on how to prevent theft and aid in quilt recovery. The second site is just so appealing I keep going back for more. It's all about how stuff works. All sorts of stuff, like how airplanes fly, how cameras work, plus so many other things I can't even begin to mention them all. This morning I learned how to pick locks. Fascinating! I'm not after a second job (or a second story job) but it was so cool!

I've also added a section called "What's Up?" You'll get a quick peek into my studio were I'll share what I'm currently working on. Or avoiding. You'll be able to see how painfully slowly I work, how often I get distracted, sidetracked, derailed, and misdirected. It's the perfect window into how my demented little mind works.

Finally, the last new section is devoted to the cool things I learn visiting other guilds. Check it out!

Speaking of new additions, Ami's Mommy's Fabric has a new look. Mom's "Something Wonderful" line has been re-colored in beautiful browns, rusts, and tans. The new colors are called "Safari Park" and to celebrate we've put together a special sampler pack of fat quarters. Get all 14 new fabrics (including four elephants, two giraffes, three butterflies and five mottled solids) for just $24.95. Not bad for 31/2 yards of fabric!

Order before May 15, 2001 (or while they last) and get three FREE note cards hand stamped and dye-painted by Ami's Mommy, otherwise known as Beebe Moss. Click the AMIíS MOMMYíS FABRIC navigation bar.

Earn a $100 shopping spree on my web site and five pieces of original one-of-a-kind hand painted and dye-stamped cotton fabric made by Ami's Mommy. To enter, make a quilt with "Something Wonderful" or "Safari Park" fabric by October 31, 2001. Ami and Mommy will judge quilts. ARE YOU A WINNER?

The 43 half-yard florals from Maywood Studio have been awarded to the lucky winner. Is that YOU?! Find out at . Hurry! If you didn't win, take heart because you might win THIS: 64 yards of fabric from Troy Corporation! Wow! Go take a look and enter today. And tomorrow, and the next day. Enter as often as you like, several hundred times a day if you're so inclined. Click WIN COOL STUFF.

Thanks to Catherine U. from Perth, Western Australia, for telling me about the Asakusa Kannon Temple in Tokyo, Japan. One of the smaller temples at this site is dedicated to broken needles! Every year on February 8, women bring their blunt and broken needles to this temple for a ceremony. (You can also buy terrific kimono scraps in the mall leading to the temple.) That's enough for me. Should we plan a Quilter's trip to Japan?

Thanks to one and all for volunteering their printer to test my "brilliant" or "stupid" idea. It will all come out in the wash...or, hopefully not! Anyway, next month I should be able to report back to you with the first set of results.

Ok, here's your next assignment and everybody can participate. I can't tell you why on this one either, but I need a straw pole. Send me an email with "POLE" written in the subject line. That way I can read the information, but I won't respond. (Hey, there are over 8,000 people reading this list and I want you ALL to respond!) In the body of the e-mail you're going to make TWO LISTS.

List #1: Famous Quilters List. I want a list of the 10 Most Famous Quilters, according to you. In order, with #1 being the most famous. Your opinion about them personally or professionally doesn't count (but if you feel strongly you may certainly put a notation in parenthesis and I will read what you write and make appropriate facial gestures, head nods, and giggle under my breath).

Let me stress this again: I don't care if you'd trade your firstborn to possess their talents, or your dog could do better with one paw tied behind his back. I don't want to know if they're an Einstein or an Idiot. It doesn't matter to me if they are the salt of the earth or the biggest primadonna you've ever seen. It doesn't count if they carried your sewing machine and 16 shoe boxes full of fat quarters up three flights of stairs to your workshop for you, or if they burped in an elevator your were in and didn't say, "Excuse me." I'm looking for name recognition only, as in, "Whose name pops into your head first?" Don't worry about spelling. You can list more than 10 if you want. Please don't include ME in the list. (Especially if you were in the elevator when I burped.)

List #2: Best Designers List. Here I want to know which quilters design quilts that you can't wait to make, famous or otherwise. Again #1 is the best. Patterns can be in magazines, books, on the Web, or in little plastic bags with a hole punched through the top. Personality is beside the point. Tell me whose patterns you hold above all others. (I'll read notations on these too.)

Do NOT combine the two lists. Reply by April 24, 2001. Remember, while I appreciate your time and energy, I WILL NOT write back. (Thank you!)

Here's another fun thing you can ALL participate in. E-mail me a picture of your stash. Yes, you heard me, your fabric. Cloth. Material. Yardage. Folded Moldies. I want to put it on my website with a few lines about how you managed to accumulate so much (so little?), your tip for the best way to bring it into your house without your significant other finding out, and anything else you want to add. I'd like to keep this somewhat anonymous, so how about you include only your first name, city and state. Feel free to make it up; I won't know. (Label your JPEG with your first name, like this: "StashAmi.jpg") You only get ONE picture to say it all.

If you can't email it, snail mail it to:
Mallery Press, LLC
4206 Sheraton Drive
Flint, MI 48532.

Dear Mom,
Well it's getting close. In about a month I'll be on my way back to Leader Dogs for the Blind for my formal training and I won't be able to write for a while. Miss Ami will have to keep you up to date after that. (They don't let the dogs use the computers at school.)

Aunt JoAnn, our "Puppy Counselor" says I'll do fine. You'd think this would get Miss Ami to let up a little, but No-o-o. I'm still required to go to work with her every day. Here I am holding a post-it note on my head for her. Click PUPPY to read the rest of Daisyís letter.

I'm off to Texas again, this time for a 4-guild marathon. If you live near Houston and want to by and say hi contact the gals listed under CONTACTS on my web site for the guild near you. Click TEACHING SCHEDULE.

That's if for me this month. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!
Have a great quilting day,
Ami Simms

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