April 2003

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The Ami Simms Newsletter
April 1, 2003
Copyright 2003 by Ami Simms

Gee, it's good to be in your mailbox today. Thanks for double clicking. Spring has sprung, the sun is out again, and I remembered Garbage Day. (What could be better?) Well, I do know of ONE thing!

Yes, thanks to negotiations on three continents (no kidding) I have MY domain name back. Safe and sound, up and running, hunky AND dory! You can now find ME at AmiSimms.COM and at AmiSimms.NET. Take your pick. I won't be changing either of them any time soon.

In celebration I moved things around on the web page. There are now separate pages for Books, Fabric, Patterns, Notions, and Gifts. So what's NEW?

Well for starters I found two cases of Every Trick In The Book hiding in the basement. That book has been out of print for quite a while. Now, miraculously, it is BACK in print. At least until the two cases are gone. Limited quantities. Very limited. Look on the BOOK page:

I found fabric too. Some new, some REALLY old. All at great prices. Look on the FABRIC page:

I found a great spring pattern: BUTTERFLIES. This beauty by Joan Hawley is sweet, simple, and stunning. Check out the pattern page at

I didn't realize I had so many Gifts! I just added Cathy Miller's two quilting CDs: One Stitch At A Time and Quilter's Embrace. They're wonderful! You can even have a listen. Visit the Gifts page at

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine included our little pencil sharpener in their review of gadgets this month! That was SO exciting. See "The World's Best Pencil Sharpener" at

I also added a page called FIND ANYTHING (ON THIS SITE). Go ahead and try it. Also, don't forget the trick for finding something within a page: Hold down the CONTROL KEY and hit the F key. That will bring up a "find" box. Type in what you're looking for, then hit ENTER. Boom! There you are! (Works on all sorts of pages, but only on PCs I think.) Type CNTRL + F on this page, type in "pizza" and see what you get.

The presses are rolling...and rolling...and rolling. And my name better be spelled correctly on the selvage! They'll fly over the first couple yards of each fabric right away so I can make samples for Quilt Market. I've been told to expect them mid-April. I'll be working like a fiend from the instant they arrive until my plane lands in Portland on the 30th. It's sad when The Plan calls for sewing on binding in flight. I'll tell you right now: the May newsletter will be a little thin, but I hope you understand.

You can read more about the pizza fabric at

This month's prize will have three lucky winners, each receiving a five-yard cut of beautiful rust colored fabric from the LECIEN CORPORATION of Kyoto, Japan. This yardage has a wonderfully delicate hand and comes from the Mrs. March's Collection featuring fabric interpreting the Americana look with a Japanese twist. For more information contact: GLMARCUSCO@aol.com. Enter now at:

Don't forget to head to the same page to see if you've won the March prize.

Bonnie E. sent in an alternate name for this tidbit in last month's newsletter: POOPUS Doggus Chronicles. Very funny, Bonnie. I'm sending Mattie over with a "present." Better your lawn than mine.

To read past issues of this newsletter head over to the FREE Newsletter page:

If you haven't subscribed to the mystery block-of-the-month calendar quilt featuring Puppus Doggus, it's not too late. If you have subscribed, then you should have received your APRIL pattern via e-mail. (Snail mail recipients will need to wait a few days for it to arrive the old-fashioned way.)

Dog-Yeared is going great guns. I've seen some pictures of the blocks you're making and I'm smiles from ear to ear. To learn more visit:

But WAIT! There's MORE! The price for the snail mailed patterns has been reduced. If you're a chicken when it comes to downloading files, you should be happy as a clam now. Check out the new lower prices at

How come? Well, Mallery Press is now the proud owner of a Binford 1600 color laser printer! We don't have to pay through the nose for color copies, just through the armpit. Definitely bigger than a breadbox, it burps and gurgles at my right elbow and will soon need a new home after the table breaks under its weight. (Think "small Chevy" but without the wheels.) Tech Support and I are already on a first name basis. Roy, Dave, Sally, and Ryan all say "hi." I figure if I prorate the cost of the printer, the ink, the paper, against my expected output, the cost of a new desk, and a factor of "X" then each page only costs me $67.43 to print! Nevertheless, I'm passing any alleged savings on to you.

Thanks to the following people who received the "free" Puppus Doggus block test pattern and donated a buck or a block or both: Jude Michalak, Elizabeth Strickland, Marthe Jones, Ann Alton, Dawn Sharafi, Mary Stivers, Penny Wisher, and Teresa Abt. Are you guys great or what?

If your Featherweight is in need of replacement parts, Jean Lyle in Quincy, IL is a joy to deal with. She's out on the road a lot so she may not respond immediately, but she can get your baby just about any part she's missing. Contact Jean by e-mail at jslyle@adams.net or call (217) 222-8910. You can also fax at: (217) 222-6053.

Recently I met Kelly Zeng, a volunteer working on behalf of Women's Weaving Cooperative, a project initiated by US Peace Corp volunteers in Bulgaria. This is a women's weaving and sewing program that aims to provide jobs for up to 64 women in this severely depressed rural community. To learn more visit . To shop for all sorts of authentic and very cool Bulgarian crafts from silk scarves and neckties to hand crafted wooden bowls visit

Marilyn adds two pictures of the Sacramento, CA State Capitol building

Heather Mann is a Worst Quilt Wannabe. Check out her fabric disaster at

Barbara Schuster shared her PPQ "Child's Play" quilt

Debbie Voigt did another PPQ "Hugs & Kisses" quilt

Audrey Laven's String Quilt is a beauty

Terri shows off her husband Richard's photo quilt

Marthe Jones' made a Puppus Doggus coupon organizer

and Sharon Iiames made a Puppus Doggus quilt!

I have lots of projects that need a helping hand if you've got an extra one hanging around. This is NO GUILT. You can bail at any time, no string attached, no hard feelings. I've probably got something for whatever you like to do best: piecing, quilting, binding...big, little, really little...long term, short term. Take your pick. Go to QUILTS, click CHARITY QUILTS, and scroll down and click on "HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP." Or, just go directly to . Be sure to read them all, I've mixed in some new offerings among the old.

Well, when you're done (or not) send them back to me. Here are two that just came back:

Ragna Rogero's "Giraffes Will Dance When Pigs Fly"

and Heather Pachall's "Leap Frog"

And then what? Well, they live at my house for a bit and then they're auctioned off at the beginning of every month to benefit Leader Dogs For The Blind and Paws With A Cause. I auction in order of appearance, mostly. I've got six quilts up on the auction block right now. Take a look at: There might be one you just can't live without.

Mom and I got Spring Fever. On St. Patrick's Day the weather was just so wonderful Mom signed us up for a Road Race! She whipped up a Shamrock cape for me to wear, put on these ugly green tights (on her not me!) and we walked all over Flint.

Mom told me we were just going to walk, no racing like she used to do---just a leisurely stroll in the warm weather. Well THAT lasted about three steps. That woman is SO competitive! We started in the back of the pack, but passed quite a lot of people for not wanting to race. Mom was also a little confused about the length of the race. She thought she signed us up for a 3-mile adventure. Actually, it was four! She looked like Christmas at the end: all red in the face and green in the legs. She had somebody take a picture of us at the finish line, but she won't let me put it up on the web page. (I was just my normal color except for my tongue hanging out a little.)

The other big news was my date with Daisy... (See for more.)

ON THE ROAD AGAIN---(Where's Ami?)
Sometimes I feel like I'm part of a "Where's Waldo?" picture! April, however, will bring me closer to home for a one-day gig at the Fabric Fair in Bay City, MI. In May I'll be in Portland, OR for Spring Quilt Market and in Fresno, CA with the San Joaquin Valley Quilters. July will take me to Cincinnati, OH and a whirlwind tour through Texas. If any of that sounds like it's in YOUR neck of the woods, visit to request information about my lectures and workshops from the guilds directly involved.

Many thanks for tuning in again this month. Please send any spare minutes or hours you may have sitting around to me starting April 15th. I'll need them as I jump into the Pizza Party quilts with my new fabric line in time for Market. Making ONE quilt in two weeks is hard enough, but I'd really like to make four! If you don't have any spare time, just write the words: "What are you, an IDIOT?!" on a 3 x 5 card and mail it to me at: Ami Simms/Mallery Press/4206 Sheraton Drive/Flint, MI 48532.

Ami Simms
www.AmiSimms.COM .COM .COM :)

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