Bikini Quilt
©1993 by Ami Simms

      This quilt was originally made as an illustration of triangular patchwork for an article in Threads Magazine. (“Beyond Square Quilt Blocks,” Threads, August/September 1993, p. 36-38). When I suggested it, they were less than enthusiastic, which just motivated me all the more to make the quilt!

       The block is called “Hourglass” and was first published in Classic Quilts: Patchwork Designs From Ancient Rome, although the quilt in the book bears little resemblance to “Bikini” because the original block is flipped 180°. Actually, the quilt in the book is “normal.” The block in the quilt you’re looking at is flipped. Every time I looked at the original Roman design I wanted to turn it sideways because it looked just like a bunch of bikini tops.

       My mother has nicknamed this one “Boobs & Bellybuttons.” Just imagine, the only time in my life I’ll get to have cleavage is when I quilt it myself!

      I invented the border piece by piece, inserting blue “water fabric” over the sand background with lace and pleated embellishments. The final touches were the fish earrings (it’s so hard to wear just ONE of those and have it look any good) charms, and real sea-shells. The shells are attached through natural holes, un-natural holes (drilled), and with lapel pin backs and Epoxy glue. If you want to un-sew, or un-do the lapel pin or earring backs, the embellishments are removable. (I have yet to feel the urge.) The shells are also removable if you accidentally step on the quilt, they just become a little more difficult to stick back on again.