Double Diamond Bookmark e-Pattern

Item# DDBookmarkPattern

Make dazzling bookmarks using fabric scraps and the small Double Diamond Ruler. There's a layer of plastic inside to make it rigid and a machine-finished edge to complete the bookmark. They make wonderful gifts and are sized to fit in a plastic bag for a professional presentation.

Get the password to visit a special place online where you can read my step-by-step illustrated instructions (some with videos) to make my Double Diamond Bookmark using the small Double Diamond ruler. The URL and password will come by return email when we fill your order.

Please note: The pattern is meant to be viewed online. You CAN print it, but it's not formatted to be printed. Depending on your browser it may take many pages and it won't look pretty. (Videos can't be printed.)

"The pattern is GREAT and the videos SUPERB!! Looking forward to starting this project this weekend."
Mullica Hill, NJ

"I love the videos, makes everything crystal clear!"
Dar Welch
Canfield, OH

From page 1 of my e-pattern:

You Will Need

  • Double Diamond Ruler, size 1.5
  • 45mm rotary cutter
  • Assorted fabric scraps (Pre-washed and ironed 100% cotton is best. Batiks look fabulous. Avoid thin, see-through fabrics. (Why pre-washed? It makes the fabric more clingy; the layers wont shift as much as you sew. You won't have to pin.)
  • Steam-A-Seam2
  • Goo Grabber and/or Iron Cleaner
  • Dirt Cheap Plastic template material (Hint: Tape to cutting mat, then cut to prevent sliding.)
  • Packing tape, or wide clear tape for rotary cutting Dirt Cheap Plastic template material.
  • Sewing machine for straight stitch, zigzag, and possibly something decorative.
  • Sulky polyester Invisible Thread
  • Matching or coordinating thread; I like 30 weight for this.
  • Magic (self-threading) Needle
  • 2.25" x 9.75" clear plastic Presentation Bags


Each bookmark has four pieces of fabric and a piece of plastic. Main and Contrast are fused together, folded, sliced with the Double Diamond Ruler, and folded back to reveal the Background. The Backing holds the Plastic in place which is inserted while sewing the machine-finished edge. All layers are visible, except the plastic (Main, Contrast, and Background from the front and Backing when the bookmark is turned over.)