After having lost TWO hard drives (and all the data that went with it) I became The Backup Queen. I've done it all: CDs, zip drives, thumb drives, and external hard drives with automatic backup. I'd even store really important stuff in a safety deposit box at the bank. What a pain!

Now I use Carbonite. It backs up files automatically, encrypts them, and stores them safely "in the cloud." You get UNLIMITED storage space!

I can access my files at any time from any computer and if (HEAVEN FORBID!) my house burned down all my files would still be safe. There's even an iPhone app. Plus, you can retrieve prior versions of saved documents, in case you screw up something really important and accidentally hit "save." (Ask me how I know.)

Carbonite offers free phone support seven days a week, excluding US holidays. They also provide email support and live chat options.

Subscribe to Carbonite through me and we'll both get a $20 gift card. Interested? Use my special link below to sign up for Carbonite.


While the Home version of Carbonite will automatically back up all the files you tell it to in the set up process, there is one exception: you will have to MANUALLY back up video files. Small inconvenience.

If you want to back up programs and operating systems, you'll have to upgrade. Ditto for multiple computers and business applications.