*Easy Walk Harness

<font  color="#FF0000"><b>*</b></font>Easy Walk Harness
I love my new PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness! No leash corrections, just a gentle guide from Mom to stay with her. My leash hooks under my large, furry (yet attractive) chest. And if I go berserk and bark at another dog, if I insist on pulling really super hard, I just kind of fall down. Low center of gravity and all. At least that's what happened at the Vet the other day. Maybe that had nothing to do with the harness. It was a poodle, the floor was slick... I don't know. I fall down a lot.

Mostly, I like not having my neck yanked.

This is not a miricle fix. You still have to train us dogs to heel in place with gentle reminders, praise, and, you know conversation every once in a while. If we pull, stop. If we don't get the message, turn around and walk in the other direction. When in doubt seek out a qualified training professional. Mom's just a quilter.