Expenses & Other Information

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of 20% of my teaching fees and a signed contract are required to hold the date(s). I will not cash deposit checks until I teach for you unless you ask me to. Deposit will be forfeited if workshop(s) or lecture(s) are canceled by you for any reason. This may also include airline penalties for re-scheduling airline flights/refunding airline tickets.

PAYMENT: Fees are due before on or before my last presentation. Any local or state taxes withheld from my paycheck will be deemed a shortage and my fee increased so that my net pay is the agreed amount shown above. Similarly, any state fees I am required to pay (example: California's corporate franchise fee) will be reimbursed by the guild within 30 days. Please contact your accountant for clarification.)

TRAVEL: Current allowable federal mileage reimbursement rate at time of presentation from my home in Flint, Michigan to teaching site and back OR round-trip airfare from Flint, MI. (You will be asked to OK airline tickets before purchase. Reimbursement of airline tickets is required within 30 days after purchase.)

LUGGAGE FEES: Currently I fly often enough that my checked luggage flies free when I fly Delta. However, loyalty programs change as might my status. If I am charged for checked baggage, I will pass that cost onto your group. (Overweight bag fees or anything above the two "standard" checked bags would be my responsibility.)

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you must cancel a workshop or lecture for any reason, 20% of my fee for the canceled presentation must be paid. If more than one presentation is canceled by you, I reserve the right to cancel the entire booking. The hiring group(s) will be responsible for reimbursement of all travel and lodging expenses I incur. If I must cancel due to illness/family emergency, any money paid to me by the guild will be refunded in full, this would include any airline tickets/penalties.

ADDING ON: If I have room in my schedule, I will consider adding on to this booking. Adding an additional group can save on expenses, but it could also dilute the pool of prospective students for workshops. For this reason, I only add on with your permission. How you and the other group(s) split transportation, food, and lodging expenses is up to you. In those cases when more than one guild is sharing travel/lodging expenses, should one of those bookings fall through, the remaining group(s) would be responsible for 100% of these costs. This may also include airline penalties for re-scheduling flights.

ROOM & BOARD: My lodging and meals are your responsibility from the time I land until the time I take off. I require a private, non-smoking room in a hotel with access to my room from an interior corridor. I bring lots of heavy luggage which I refuse to drag up or down stairs. If there is no elevator I need to be on the ground floor. If I teach in the afternoon, a hotel is required for that evening unless I elect to travel home/onward that day. If more than one group is hiring me ALL room and board expenses are the responsibility of the hiring groups, including "days off" in between presentations, whether by design or cancellation. Please check the housing arrangements you have made with me before I come. I don't need "fancy" accommodations but I need to feel safe. Hiring groups are expected to pay for all lodging and to make all necessary reservations and payments. I prefer restaurant meals to "home cooking/Pot Luck."

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT: I will bring a digital projector and laptop for lectures. Please provide a heavy-duty (orange, 3-prong) extension cord at least 15 feet long, a low, sturdy table to set the projector and laptop on, a screen large enough to accommodate your audience, and a plan for darkening the room. Table and extension cord will need to be on site when I arrive as I set up electronics first. I provide live video demonstrations in all appliqué workshops and the feather drafting workshop. The equipment listed above is required for these workshops, except that an 8-foot table is needed instead of the smaller table.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographs during presentations when the lights are off are not allowed. Photographs of me and my quilts are allowed for students' own personal use but may not be uploaded to online storage/sharing or social media sites for any reason without express permission from me first.

SUPPLY LISTS: Workshop descriptions, promotional videos, class size limits, supply lists (except for Dancing Spools), timeline, and teaching needs are on my web page: www.AmiSimms.com. Click “Workshops & Lectures.” Sometimes supply lists change. PLEASE, send me a copy of the description students receive and the supply lists you provide them (even if you took them from my webpage) so I can make sure I'm giving them what they think they are getting. Unless special arrangements are made, I bring only the quilts I can hand carry. Examples for the Fabric BOWL-ing class, however, must be shipped ahead as they do not fit in my suitcase. You will be responsible for shipping both ways.

CONTRACT: I prefer to offer you my contract. If you've gotten this far, it will be comforting to know that you've read everything in my contract already. There won't be any surprises.

If you would like to amend your contract we can use your contract. I will only sign ONE contract. It is the group's responsibility to be familiar with and abide by the contents of the contract, even if the person who signed the contract is no longer the Program Chair or a member of the group.

I do not hold space for "letters of intent;" a contract is required. On the bright side, fees stated in my contract will not increase even though bookings may be contracted for several years in advance.

If you are the program chairperson for your group and you would like to go forward with a booking: