The last date to order is Wednesday, November 29th.

Merry Merry Triangles Tree Skirt Kit
Merry Merry Squares for Other Christmas Quilting Projects
Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid
$4.80 per yard. Sold in 1 yard increments only.
Test Pilot (38" x 39")
Ami-dyed silk chiffon. Ready for you to hem (just on two sides). Learn how with this video.

Fabric has two selvage edges. The photograph shows it folded in half.
Wild & Crazy (36" x 38") HEMMED
Buy it before I change my mind. I love this one, with the wild triangle like lightening in a dark sky. Two pictures. I folded the scarf in half and shot both sides. I hemmed this baby myself.
Summer Sky  (42" x 41")
This is a chunk of 16 mm "Crepe de Chine" silk, about 42" x 41". Pastel pink and blue. Nice diagonal stripes of pink running through. I cut it with scissors so the edges go all over the place. Rip it straight and you'll have a very nice, scarf.