Fabric BOWL-ing

Fabric BOWL-ing
Learn to make fantastic bowls by zigzagging coils of clothesline in this full-day workshop. They're fast, and fun, and they look spectacular! You've got choices:

1. Wrap and glue clothesline with 1" strips of bias-cut fabric, then zigzag the covered clothesline into a bowl.

2. Coil and stitch plain white clothesline with wild-colored thread.

3. Coil and stitch hand-dyed clothesline with complementary or contrasting thread.

4. Cover plain white clothesline with thread by zigzaging over it three times before coiling and zigzagging it into a bowl.

You'll learn a quick way to slice bias fabric with your rotary cutter, how to wrap and glue the fabric in place, and how to stitch the fabric/clothesline coil. Students will be able to work at their own pace throughout the day to complete a small- or medium-sized bowl. Finish your bowl with a plain or crocheted rim.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Supply List: Items preceded by an * can be purchased in class. Items preceded by ** indicates that I only bring limited quantities. Students should purchase these supplies well before the class meets with a coupon code for free shipping that I will provide.

  • A sturdy sewing machine in good working order that ZIGZAGS. (No featherweights.) Please be sure you know how to work your machine. Bring the manual and ALL the feet you have. (I often use my Bernina #20 applique foot.)

    NOTE: Some smaller, lighter weight sewing machines (such as Jenome Jem) do not have the clearance to sew over 3/16" wrapped clothesline. Let me know if that is all you have and I may be able to bring narrower gauge clothesline. These are only available in shorter 50-foot lengths (smaller bowls).

  • Lots of empty bobbins. A large bowl could use 7 or 8 bobbins.

  • If your machine comes with a slide-on table, bring it. Or, if you have an after-market plexiglass extension table, bring that instead.

  • * Size 14 (90) needles.

  • **100-foot lengths of cotton clothesline.

  • Tape measure or small ruler (optional).

  • Pins, clips, clamps, clothespins to hold clothesline in place as glue dries to finish bowls).

Additional Supplies for Fabric Wrapped Bowls (Option #1)

  • * Aleen's Tacky Glue Pen . Fabric glue that dries clear and is still pliable. About 1 pen per bowl.

  • Pre-washed, (and ironed) 100% cotton quilting fabric. (Pre-washing makes for easier wrapping.) Prints are great as they hide mistakes; large prints with lots of colors work well; coordinated pieces require only slightly more thought. Small bowls take about of a yard, 1 yard for medium bowls, 1 yards for a large bowl. Pre-washed fabric is easier to work with because it clings to the clothesline as you wrap and glue.

  • Rotary cutter, 6" x 24" ruler, and large mat to cut fabric into 1" bias strips. Instructions on how to cut bias strips will be given in class.

  • **Ami's PowerWrapper significantly speeds up the wrapping process. Without it you may not be able to finish your wrapped fabric bowl by the end of class.

  • Shot glass and old sponge to make glue holder (optional).

  • Lap rag to catch glue spills. It happens.

  • Thread that complements fabric choices.

Additional Supplies for Hand-Dyed Clothesline Bowls (Option #3)
**100-foot lengths of Ami-dyed cotton clothesline. Limited amounts of matching thread available in class. Two to four 500-yard spools per large bowl.

Additional Supplies for Thread-Covered Clothesline Bowls (Option #4)
12-15 spools of thread, any kind, any color.

Size Limit: 25

Note: Ami will bring enough glue pens, and needles for all students. Bowling samples may be available to promote workshop. Shipping costs apply. Only limited amounts of clothesline, PowerWrappers, and variegated thread will be available in class. It is strongly suggested that students pre-order these supplies (free shipping) which will be hand delivered in class.

Duration: 6 hours

Room Set-Up: Outlets and elbow room appropriate for the number of students, large elevated table for cutting fabric strips. At least one additional table to display Ami's sample bowls.

Ami's PowerWrapper
The ultimate wrapping tool for making fabric bowls. (The only tool you're supposed to sit on.) You don't want to make a wrapped clothesline bowl without it.
Regular price: $34.95
Sale price: $29.95
Aleene's Tacky Glue Pen
My preferred glue for making fabric bowls. It dries clear and flexible. Use it to wrap and to end stick clothesline ends to sides of bowls. One pen is enough for one large bowl. Less is better.
Clothesline for Fabric Bowls
The best clothesline around for making bowls. Package contains approximately 100 feet.
Ami's Hand-Dyed Clothesline
One-of-a-kind hand dyed clothesline for making fabric bowls without the fabric. Lengths of about 100 feet. Prices vary.
Bowling Tutorial
Your Clothesline Bowls