February 2003

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The Ami Simms Newsletter
February 2003
Copyright by Ami Simms (who else?!)

Hello again! Welcome to another edition of the newsletter. I'm glad you're here. Feel free to share this with anyone you like, just share ALL of it including the information that anyone interested in receiving it can sign up on my web page at

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day to perk things up. I'm getting a little sick of winter. It's not that I DO anything for Valentine's Day.....just knowing it's there is all I need. I'll probably forget to wear something red again this year. But, I'm sure I'll get to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate and Steve will probably even carry my tray! (Cheap shot. He ALWAYS carries my tray.)

Still no good news on the domain name mess. AMISIMMS.COM continues to point to a site that is not mine. Please do NOT go there to see what it's like. That will only make it worse for me. Instead, visit me at any of the following: http://www.AmiSimms.net
http://www.Picture Play Quilts.com

I thought the www.AMISIMMS.BIZ was a nice addition. Has a certain ring to it, but a tad hard to type. What do YOU think?

I'm still working behind the scenes to get my domain name back. When and if I do, I will certainly let you know.

Meanwhile, thank you to the scores of readers (and one in particular; you know who you are) for proofing links, crummy grammar, typos, and the general confusion so that we're just about error free. I say "just about" because I'm sure in fixing those errors so graciously pointed out to me, I've made several more. With your help at least I'm not sending people to dead ends.

And thank you to all the CRAZY CLICKERS, those dear, sweet cyber elves who went to AMISIMMS.NET and clicked their brains out. That was the best thing you could have done. The search engines took notice and we're almost where we were before the December Disaster.

Yes, not only was my name nabbed for a gambling/debt reduction/and V*I*A*G*RA site, but in mid-January I became a cyclone. These things never turn out well. On January 16, 2003 I smashed into Fiji!! I know this happens to the best of us, specifically cyclone Zoe the month before and whichever poor slob they'll be naming the next one after, possibly Cyclone Betty? Still, it's disheartening. I've spent my whole life trying to get people to spell my name correctly and NOW they get it right. Gee, thanks!

I have received donations for the "doggies" (Leader Dogs For The Blind and/or Paws With A Cause) in the form of a check or a block from the following people. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

Karen T. (PAWS donation and Leader Dogs Donation)
Carole D. (block)
Marilyn R. (PAWS donation)
Lois S. (Leader Dogs donation)

Please don't forget. If you USE the free pattern you received from me via e-mail or the older version on my website, you owe me a block or a buck. Thems the rules. Otherwise Mattie and I will have to take a walk over to your house and leave a "present" on your lawn.

Want the free pattern? Visit

The February installment of the "Dog-Yeared" Mystery Block of the Month Calendar Quilt starring Puppus Doggus are about to arrive in the mailboxes of those who purchased all 13 patterns. Want to have one come to YOUR mailbox too? Get over to: You can purchase them month-by-month or buy the entire set.

And when you write and tell me that you think the block is cute, well, it just makes my whole day. Thanks to everyone who fired off a quickie e-mail to say something nice. I've been smiling all month.

Chicarita, you need to clean out your mailbox. Now you can't even get e-mails from me, let alone attachments.

P. Schoppe at swbell.net. Your email address doesn't work. That's why I can't e-mail you the pattern no matter how many times you request it and why you think I'm ignoring you. I'm not. Honest. Call me at 1-800-278-4824 and I'll explain.

Sandy at Hartford.edu, looking for her friend's quilt...your email address doesn't work. My reply to you bounced back. You can call me too. Same number as above.

There are four great quilts to bid on this month. Do check out... Marta Amundson's awesome fringed jean quilt. Denim and flannel. Delicious! (Yes, Marta is that famous author!)

and Becky Ariura's Homespun Hounds wall quilt. I can't stop petting it. (Becky's the famous designer!)

and Judy Well's Foliage Fantasy Crib Quilt

and Margaret Horton's Tea Time Crib Quilt for the cat lovers

All proceeds for the sale of these quilts goes to either Leader Dogs For The Blind or Paws With A Cause. Please bid generously.

This month's featured product is (are?!) the Easy Kut Spring Action Scissors. They look like a cross between a surgical instrument and an "I-don't-know-what," but they're perfect for clipping threads close to the quilt.

And, from now until the end of the month, if you type SqueezeMe in the coupon code area of the on-line order form you'll save $1.00. Shhh...newsletter readers only.

I also have some leftover solids from the Sinking Sailboat kit. I no longer have the kit, but Kona multi-dye fabrics are on my web page at a special price. If you need solids in blue, brown, and green head over to:

This month you're in for a special treat from Despair.com a company that's "tongue in cheek" from the word go. They bill themselves as the "premier retailer for cynics worldwide." And they're hilarious! Courtesy of E.L. Kersten (COO & founder) one lucky winner will get a Demotivators 2003 Wall Calendar, Procrastination Stickypad, Idiocy Stickypad, and three tins of their Bittersweet Candies, which of course will get to you long after Valentine's Day. Enter now at:

So how do you know if you've won a prize on my web page? You'll have to go BACK to the WIN COOL STUFF page and click on the prize you entered to win. As a matter of fact, I know that somebody out there hasn't done that yet....hint, hint.

If you can't wait to win, Despair.com is offering readers of this newsletter a 15% discount on their website. In the coupon code type this (NOT case sensitive) when you checkout: YOUcantFIREmeBECAUSEiQUILT (All one word, no spaces, no punctuation and upper/lower case does NOT matter.) The code is valid through the end of February. Visit them at

Kris Dreissen's Heart Quilts were just shipped out. See them at: Great job, EVERYONE! "You DONE good!" I'll let you know what Kris says in the next newsletter.

Hello everyone. I am the dog. I'm wonderful and hope that you are the same. Not much new since last month. I'm just getting used to the routine around here. So far it's pretty fun.

Turns out I don't get to drive any place even though I have my license. But, if I'm good (and I always am) I can ride in the car. I wedge myself between the two front seats and sit on the floor. I can look out of the front window and don't fall over when Mom turns the car. I can also put my head on her lap when I feel sleepy, and the air bags won't get me if they go off.

When we do drive through I somehow turn around (no easy trick) and stand in the 3 square inches of legroom in the back seat and look out the window behind Mom's seat. I do my Sad Dog impression and sometimes I can get a treat from the drive-through people. Still, my primary my job is to exhale on the window. I don't put my nose on it, I just fog.

Mom and I go walking first thing every morning in the dark. That's so nobody can see her "dork" outfit. I don't blame her; it's pretty ugly. After attempting to put on every piece of clothing she owns, she tops it off with a ski mask and we finally go outside. Takes her forever. Luckily, I am three-quarters bladder so I can still do my "Yeah-We're-Going-Outside-Happy-Dance" and not have an accident on the floor.

The ski mask makes us look like we're going to rob a bank or something. That is if it weren't for the bright orange vest that she wears over her coat. Mom says the temperatures are going above freezing, so maybe she can leave the ski mask at home. I think I'm stuck with the orange vest until spring.

Dad takes me ROMPING. That's like walking but I can run wherever I want as long as I come back when he calls me. We do this in snow. Snow is fun. So is the creek behind our house. Apparently I was supposed to stay on the plank that goes across it, but I must have missed that command. I felt really bad too when Dad saw me up to my elbows in muddy creek water. So as soon as he called my name I signaled that I was all ears by sitting down and giving him my "Yes, SIR!" look. That's the one where I perk up my ears and tilt my head and smile so that I can listen really good. Trouble was I sat in the creek. You know how when something is pressed into mud and is then pulled out again how it makes that suction kind of noise? That was my rear end trying to get out of the mud.

That was also the end of our walk. I had to wait in the garage until my rear dried. And then I had to put my rear in the bathtub. Mom said I did a very nice job in the tub. Then I got to be a room-to-room humidifier until I was dry all the way again.

Thanks to the following people for sharing their talents to raise money for Paws With A Cause and Leader Dogs For The Blind! Major licks and tail wags in your direction!

Lyn Sethna's for #72 Critters in Bloom

and #73 Send In The Clowns

Chris Piper for #74 Lost In The 60s

Eleanor Wyckoff for #75 Double Tulips

and #76 As American As Cowboy Boots & Coca-Cola

and #77 For The Love Of Cats

Bonnie Camp for #78 Megan's Brownies

and #79 Animals On Parade

and #80 Animal Patches

If you have agreed to make something for the doggies it's time to report your progress. Remember, the deal was for 30 days, ready or not. No guilt. No hard feelings. Tell me what you're doing, or send them back. Don't make me come after you!

If you want to help, send me your UFOs. Or, check this page to see how you can help finish someone else's start. Think of it as a great big, perpetual Round Robin.

Cyndee Davis shares her String Quilt

AND her kitchen floor

Andi Dixon is let's us take a peek at her stash

Dawn Carsey made an adorable PPQ

Marge Fine made a really cute Puppus Doggus quilt

Julie Pike made a remarkable photo-quilt

and Sandra Peterson has made a super Twisted Sisters quilt

Thanks for sharing these terrific quilts!

Chris T shares a very unusual site called Modest Needs. Their philosophy? "If we pool our modest resources - our time, our skills, and our pocket change - we have the power to change people's lives for the better, forever - one person's life at a time." Take a look at

Ever wonder what in the world to do with your wedding gown? The Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization, will take your old wedding gown in any condition and sell it. Proceeds are used to grant wishes and memory-making events for adults diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, both women and men. (Very similar to the Make A Wish Foundation.)

Those dresses that are in need of repair are offered to quilters to create queen-sized quilts (or larger) out of the dresses. The quilts are then sold to raise money by this organization. You may do what you wish with the leftovers. Learn more about this group at or e-mail Fran at makingmemories@attbi.com for more specific guidelines about volunteering to make donation quilts. Sounds like a terrific guild project.

Look what I found on the pamphlet tucked inside the new hair dryer I bought!

PIZZA PARTY UPDATE The drawings came back for my new line of fabric and they look terrific. Strike-offs should be in mid-February! For a sneak peek, check out

See you next time!
Ami Simms
www.AmiSimms.NET .net .net .net or .biz.


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