How To Submit a Photo for Sew & Tell

How To Submit a Photo for Sew & Tell
Send ONE clear and in-focus photograph of your quilt, bowl, puzzle ball or Rag Fur Jacket by email to JPG format is preferred.

In the subject line of your email, let me know that you're sending me a photo and which gallery it needs to go in.

Your choices are:

  • Photo: Bowl
  • Photo: Dancing Spools
  • Photo: Dog Yeared Calendar Quilt
  • Photo: Picture Play Quilt
  • Photo: Rag Fur Jacket
  • Photo: String Quilt
  • Photo: String Star Quilt
  • Photo: Puzzle Ball
  • Photo: Twisted Sisters

One photo only. The photo can be embedded or attached.

If you can figure out how to name your photo, name it with your Last Name, First Name, like this:


If not, don't worry about it.

Please include a few sentences to go with your photo. Did you use my pattern or take a workshop? Where did you take the workshop? How long have you been quilting? What do you like best about this particular quilt or project? Did you add a personal touch? Please include your first and last name, city, and state.

By sending a photograph, you allow me non-exclusive rights to the image and your comments for my web site and any social media sites on which I post for commercial and noncommercial purposes in perpetuity without compensation. If someone else snags it for their own nefarious use, I'm not responsible. In other words, please don't send me anything you don't want "out there."

Check the web page periodically to see if your pictures made it up there. If you donít see it within 10 days, please email me at