Ha Ha Made You Laugh Heating Pad Cover Insert

Ha Ha Made You Laugh Heating Pad Cover Insert
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Ha Ha Made You Laugh Heating Pad Cover Insert
I've been making heating pad covers for many years now. Here's one I just made for Jennie.
To make your own, create two little quilts about 1" larger on three sides than a store-bought heating pad. The fourth side (must be a short side) should be about 3" larger to hide the ugly part where the cord meets the heating pad. After quilting and washing (they shrink a tad), trim the quilts so they are both exactly the same size. They should be at least 1/2" larger on three sides, and significantly longer on the one short side that will hide the cord. Pin the two quilts right sides together and join them on three sides with a 1/4" seam allowance. Zigzag the raw edges. Next, face the opening (cord side) with a strip of matching fabric about 2-1/5" wide. (Think really wide binding that will only show on the INSIDE of the heating pad cover.) Add Velcro strips before sewing it down on the inside to the quilted cover. The heating pad closes around the cord! That's it. They make great gifts, especially for someone who isn't feeling well and needs cheering up.
What's the "Ha Ha" part? Well, years ago, after reading all the warning labels that come with heating pads, I wrote my own parody and had fabric professionally printed. Click on the picture, and remember:
  • Do not sit on, over, against, behind, near, or in any way come in contact with heating pad. Avoid sharp folds, loud noises, high humidity, and Justin Bieber music.

  • Never push, pull, drag, swing, or hang from this pad by the supply cord. Never use the supply cord as a handle, leash, jump rope, or extension cord for Christmas tree lights.

  • To reheat pizza set dial to high.

    You're purchasing one fabric panel (about 13.5" x 9.5") with my pretend warning label professionally printed on 100% high quality cotton. You can piece it or applique it into a homemade quilted heating pad cover (see above), or you can applique it to the back of the cover that comes with the heating pad.