Step-by-Step Hanging Instructions

(You'll need a screwdriver, some sticky tape, two PostIt™ notes, and something to stand on. Your quilt must have a sleeve sewn to the back, preferably one with a little fullness.)

1. Purchase a spring tension curtain rod to fit your quilt. (Do NOT over-extend rod.) It must have a long slot all the way along one side, like this.

2. With a screwdriver (slotted head) give it a "Spring-ectomy." (Save screw and spring in special place with unpaired socks, lost buttons, and runned pantyhose).

3. Fit the two curtain rod pieces back together (sans spring/screw). It should measure a little less than the width of your quilt. The two rod pieces should overlap at least 3". Tape the overlap securely.

4. Wrap the rubber tips of the rod with tape or fit a plastic bag over each end and tape. Otherwise, the rod has a hard time sliding in and out of the sleeve. (Just removing the rubber tips is asking for trouble. The metal might snag/cut your quilt.)

5. Slide the rod into the sleeve and walk around the house in search of a good place to hang your quilt.

6. Clean the wall with isopropyl alcohol (not household cleaners) just where the brackets will be stuck. (No sense getting carried away removing dirt the quilt will hide anyway.)

7. Put a PostIt™ note on the wall at either end of the rod. Don't worry about exact placement of the quilt side-to-side. The beauty of this system is that the quilt can be adjusted AFTER the brackets are up. AMAZING! Concentrate on height, even though this can be adjusted too.

8. Peel the RED paper off the 3M Command™ adhesive strips (included) and carefully stick them to the BACKS of the brackets as shown. They must NOT touch each other.

NOTE: The brackets will only lie flat against the wall ONE WAY. Here you can see how it will fit against your quilt. Stick the Command Strips on the side away from the quilt.

9. Take ONE bracket and peel off the remaining black paper from both Command strips. Holding it by the edges (do NOT touch the sticky side) slip the notch of the bracket into the slot of the curtain rod and reposition the rod at the PostIt note mark. When the bracket is in position (not more than 1/3 of the distance from the end of the rod) press it firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.

10. Peel the black paper off the Command strips on the back of the second bracket. Holding it by the edges, carefully slip the bracket tab into the curtain rod slot. Hang the other side of the rod on the bracket attached to the wall. Hang the bright orange LEVEL off the bottom of the curtain rod (it's magnetic!) Do NOT let the second bracket touch the wall yet.

11. Holding the bracket by the edges, move the bracket up or down until…
…the water bubble inside the level is between the two vertical lines. Then, press the bracket firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.

12. Wait ONE hour. (No cheating!)

13. Slide the curtain rod into the quilt sleeve and hang the rod onto the bracket by slipping the bracket tab into the curtain rod slot through the sleeve. Adjust the quilt for perfect side-to-side presentation, and enjoy!

The quilt shown here is my "Dog-Yeared" Calendar Quilt starring Puppus Doggus.

Please Note:
  • If hanging your quilt above your bed or where it might get jostled by active children or large, rambunctious dogs, don't use the Command strips, use screws.
  • For unusually heavy or extremely valuable quilts; use screws.
  • Larger quilts (over 50") require a third bracket.
  • Much larger quilts (over 70") require a third and fourth bracket.
  • To remove the Command™ adhesive strips, grab tab at bottom and slowly pull the tab straight down AGAINST the wall. (Caution: hold onto the bracket at the same time so it doesn't pop off and hit you in the head!) Do NOT pull the tab out at an angle! After some strange, squeaky noises, the strip will grow to about 15" and then pop off the wall. Questions: call 3M at 1-800-934-7355.

    Tip: I often sew a sleeve on the BOTTOM of my quilts as well. A curtain rod, wooden dowel, or piece of flat aluminum stock will weight the quilt slightly at the bottom, keeping the lower edge of my quilt as flat and straight as the top. The added weight will keep the rod seated more firmly in the bracket, too.
"No See Ums"™ is a trademark of The Hang-Ups Company. It is patent pending. PostIt™ and Command™ are trademarks of 3M.