Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, HI
Thanks to the Mancuso's Pan Pacific Quilt Show & Conference, I got a chance to teach in Hawaii in April. What a wonderful place! My students were tops and couldn't have been nicer, I came home with an armload of Hawaiian fabrics, and got to play a little tourist as well.

Here's the view out our window at the Ala Moana Hotel.

In that same direction was a little beach park Sue Nickels and I explored that first morning.

We thought for sure we'd get back there, but just ran out of time. We did go snorkeling with Helen Marshall at Hanauma Bay.

It was here I learned I was able to swim so much better when my toenails were painted.

Yes, it was crowded, but as soon as I stuck my head in the water it was as if I were all alone. My cheapo underwater camera was marvelous. Trying to use it without my glasses was not. For the first 8 or 10 shots I was aiming through what I thought was the viewfinder. It was a large rivet that kept the plastic covering secure. Once I figured that out, my photography improved somewhat.

The hardest part was keeping a straight face. It was so exciting to actually see a fish (even though they were practically everywhere) that I smiled every time I saw one. And every time I smiled, I got water in my mask!

Sue and I also hiked up Diamondhead. That was fun. Here's the view from the top:

Then we WALKED back to the hotel by way of Waikiki Beach, the convention center, the fabric store, and several other points of interest.

The last day Sharon Pederson, Helen Marshall, Sue Nickels and I rented a car and drove to the Banzai Pipeline. We celebrated surviving the undertow with a delicious lunch followed by four of the most decadent desserts I've ever eaten.

(Yes, we finished them all!)