Judges’ Critique
The Worst Quilt In The World Contest™

      Your quilt, as represented in your slides or snapshots, was judged on the following criteria: general appearance, color and design, and workmanship. Below is a checklist of frequently found elements which may have knocked your quilt out of the running. Those that are checked apply to your quilt.

General Appearance
__ Did not induce vomiting.
__ Majority of judges did not laugh.
__ Major technical errors not evident at first glance.
__ Pencil marks, residue from other marking devices not visible.
__ Free from pet hair, dirt, and major stains.
__ Insufficient bearding.
__ Overall appearance too pleasing.

Color and Design
__ Did not cause shuddering, excessive tearing, or blurred vision.
__ Use of contrasting fabrics needlessly highlights pattern.
__ Annoying novelty fabric, printed bed sheets, and gingham are absent.
__ Colors look entirely too good together.
__ Block size and borders are appropriate to overall design.
__ Design exhibits balance, harmony, and forethought.
__ Quilting pattern compliments quilt top.

__ Thread used for piecing is not visible or matches fabric.
__ Applique stitches are too small and close together.
__ Borders do not wobble, sway, or meander
__ No shadow-through of points due to needless pressing and clipping.
__ Seams are too flat, straight, and consistent.
__ Patches have not been eased, trimmed, stretched, or chopped to fit.
__ Quilting follows recognizable pattern.
__ Quilting does not distort quilt.
__ Surface is without pleats, puckers, or stretch marks.
__ Impossible to tell where thread stops and starts.
__ No visible knots, tails, or back-stitches.
__ Hand quilting stitches not large enough.
__ Machine stitches are too even.
__ Quilting has not caught stray pieces of fabric/sewing notions.
__ Binding at corners shows no variety. They're all the same.
__ Too few seams on the back.

Judges' Recommendation:
__ Sorry, this one's way too good.
__ Temporary Hold, this may be in the running.
__ Unfortunately, we need to see this one in person. Send us your quilt!

©1995 by Ami Simms.