July 2003

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The Ami Simms Newsletter
Copyright by Ami Simms
July 1, 2003

Thanks for double clicking. Itís dark in here, you know, and I was getting a little worried. Hope you had a great start to the summer and are looking forward to more good things. Weíve had some incredibly beautiful days here and Iíve been enjoying my walks around the neighborhood with Madison so much more than when the snow was flying. To prove that Iím totally dog crazy, I can tell you all the restaurants within 10 miles that have outdoor seating. (Not many.) Donít get excited, weíre talking fast food joints mostly, but Mattie and I try to eat OUT at least once a week. Oh yeah, my husband and family usually join us.

Weíve also been doing some therapy dog work at the library. See

Speaking of doggies, you can help support and train working dogs who aid the blind and physically disabled by bidding on the six quilts offered this month on ebay.com. All proceeds are given to Leader Dogs For The Blind and Paws With A Cause. The quilts ready for your generous bids are # 70 (Shazaam!), #72 (Critters In Bloom), #73 (Send In The Clowns), #75 (Double Tulips), #76 (As American As Cowboy Boots and Coca-Cola), and #78 (Meganís Brownies). Visit to link directly to the quilts on ebay.

Fourteen quilts have come in over the last several months and Iíve finally been able to photograph them and add them to the web page. You sent in lap quilts, crib quilts, wall hangings, bed quilts and quilty projects. Thank you all for your wonderful efforts on behalf of two very good causes. Visit to see all 97 charity quilts. Those that have been auctioned have the dollar amount of the winning bid in the title. Those that donít are either on the block right now or will be soon.

Visit to volunteer to help make a charity quilt.

I guess my new pizza fabric is a big hit. We got so many nice comments from readers who received their fabric and pattern in the rather unusual packaging. (No comments from the post office yet.) One customer even thought it SMELLED like pizza. Thatís powerful packaging! I canít wait to see what wonderful things you make with it! To get fabric, visit .

The next line, called Pie a la Mode, should be out this fall some time. Iíve turned in my designs and should see the first drawings in August. If all goes well, Iíll have fabric by October! Pies anyone?

Meanwhile, Iím still coming up with more pizza quilts and accessories. ďHold The AnchoviesĒ will be coming out in the next issue of Quilts & Coordinates magazine. Iíll have a kit for that one also. Iím also in the midst of quilting PIZZA PARTY, the quilt. Itís a bed size monster with 12 whole pizzas and a bunch of slices around the border. The pattern should be available in a few months. Meanwhile, see And, look for a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Portfolio pattern and Amiís Flying Pizza. The ideas just keep comingÖ

Ö.like a big pizza pie, thatís amore.

Or, as Leslie Heinrichs, Dawn B., and Ruth Bailey pointed out, there was MORE to the list besides this one from last monthsí newsletter:

When our habits are strange
And our customs deranged
Thatís our mores.

When your horse munches straw
And the bales total four
Thatís some more hay.

When Othelloís poor wife
becomes stabbed with a knife
Thatís a Moor, eh?

When a Japanese knight
Used his sword in a fight
Thatís SaMUrai.

When your sheep go to graze
In a damp marshy place,
Thatís a moor, eh?

When your boat comes home fine
And you tied up her line
Thatís a moor, eh?

When you ace your last tests
Like you did all the rest
Thatís some more ďAĒs!

When on Mt. Cook you see
An aborigine,
Thatís a Maori.

Alley Oopís homeland has
A space gun with pizzazz,
Thatís a Moo ray....

A comedian-ham
With the name Amsterdam
Thatís a Morey.

When your chocolate graham
Is so full and so crammed
That símore.

When youíve had quite enough
Of this dumb rhyming stuff
Thatís ďNo more!Ē, eh?

P&B Textiles has donated six fat quarter packets from their latest fabric collections for our web prize this month. I will award them to six individuals around the end of July. If you are one of the six lucky winners, you will get four fat quarters from one of these fabric collections: A Spring Mix (Susie M. Robbins), Anabelle, Island Dream, Azelia Trail (Nancy Odem), Vintage Indigo (Harriet Hargrave) or Buddy & The Star Babies (Susan Rose). BUT, you have to enter to win.

While youíre entering, see if youíre the lucky winner of one of the books from the June drawing.

The following honest, generous, and caring individuals sent donations or blocks for using their ďalmost freeĒ Puppus Doggus Pattern. Some did both! Deanna Goebel, The Dogwood Quilters, Deborah Graves, Annie Graves, Betty Giacomino, Kim Pratt, and Ann Hudson. To get your almost free pattern visit:

Weíre at the half-way point with the Dog-Yeared Mystery Block of the Month Calendar Quilt extravaganza and to spice things up I think we should have a contest, donít you? Everyone who FINISHES their quilt (yes, quilted, bound and gagged) is invited to send me ONE photo of the full quilt and ONE detail of a part of their choosing. (No composites.) Accompanying text can be submitted to describe parts not visible in the photographs, offer special commentary, or suck up to the judges. Photos will go up on my web page in the order received and as soon as I figure out how to have you all vote on-line, and you will be invited to do so some time in the spring. Iíll let you know when.

Meanwhile, let me know what would be suitable prizes. E-mail MalleryPress@aol.com. Please put CONTEST in the subject line and if you have other comments please put them in a separate e-mail to me at AmiSimms@aol.com. One of my employees will be reading and compiling your suggestions for the contest.

There is, by they way, a method to my madness. I will probably be reformatting all the patterns into a printed booklet and I need quilts other than my own to show as examples. I would be picking from your finished quilts, even though my selections may or may not be the ďwinningĒ entries.

So let me hear from you. And, if you want to get into the act you certainly have lots of time. Those who already have the patterns---get cracking! Those who want to start from scratch, hereís where you get the pattern: And, those who have already purchased the entire series should have received the July pattern via email. Snail-mailers should get theirs in a day or two.

This is the last month to take advantage of the Cheapo Scissors discount on two pair. These are great scissors so stock up while you have the chance. Use them for cloth, paper, cardboard boxes and whatever else needs slicing. Heck, let your husband use them.! See

Iíve put the Easy Kut Spring Action Scissors on sale for 20% off the regular price. These are the same scissors you get elsewhere for $18-$20. Why not pick up a couple for $11.96 instead? Use them to clip threads close to the surface of your quilt. See

Fiskar Blunt Tip Squeezie Scissors are also 15% off. Theyíre great for fussy-cutting and any cutting that requires accuracy in tight places. See And, no, these arenít scissors, butÖPicture Play Quilt Buttons are now on sale for 25% off the regular price until we sell out of them. After that, well you wonít be able to get them at ANY price. See

I also found my favorite gadget, now under a new and ďimprovedĒ name. If I remember correctly, they used to be called Yardstick Compasses, now itís ďCompass PointsĒ but itís the same great gizmo. You can actually make a beautiful 72Ē circle with them if you wanted. Not too much call for that, but itís wonderful it you have to make a circle bigger than about 15 inches. Normal compasses (compass-i?) donít open their legs far enough apart, and most of the cheaper ones wonít stay there if they do. The Yardstick Compass (sticking to my guns on the RIGHT name here) is the perfect alternative. You slide one part on the end of your yardstick (or any 1" wide ruler) and the other at the measure of half your circle, and youíre in business. See

You can now buy Steam-A-Seam in the 18" width by the yard. Youíll be wanting some of that when my new pizza patterns come out. See

(Assuming you like the one youíre reading.) Are you a fan of Kaye Wood? If so, be sure to sign up for her Quilting and Sewing E-Newsletter. Itís FREE! Keep up to date with Kaye and all of her quilting friends. Special industry editions, tips and techniques from Kaye and others, special internet sale information, updates on the site, and of course important announcements. If youíd like to subscribe, email terrye@kayewood.com and put ďAmi Sent MeĒ in the subject line. You can see a sample here:

How stupid is THAT? My husband took the IQ test on Fox television last month and of course scored above average. (That, he is.) Well, I tried to take it and flunked. I couldnít even find the right link on-line. And then I got thinking that it probably didnít have any quilting questions, so why bother. And then I thought we ought to write a quilterís IQ test. So here are a few sample questions.

1. If you have 5/8 of a yard and your best friend gives you 2/3 of a yard how much will you have: a. More than you started with.
b. Not enough for your backing.
c. A really nice friend.
d. All of the above.

2. Which weighs more ľ of a yard or a Fat Quarter?
a. This is a trick question and I donít do those.
b. They weigh the same.
c. I pick letter ďb.Ē
d. Me too.

3. If a quilter used to get 4 stitches to the inch and now gets 18 she is
a. Much improved.
b. Lying
c. Counting stitches on both top and bottom.
d. Playing around with the stitching length knob on her machine

4. If your stash takes up 100 cubic feet and your friendís takes up 200 cubic feet, then
a. It is time to buy more fabric.
b. Be sure to stay friends.
c. You still probably canít find enough for the whole back of that quilt, so see letter ďa.Ē
d. All of the above.

Carolyn Burrough made a terrific photo-quilt

And so did Glynda Tyler

As did Debbie Voigt

Betty Giacomino made an adorable Snoopy pillow from my Puppus Doggus pattern

When you finish your photo quilts, or any quilt using one of my patterns or fabric, please send me a photo. Details are under QUILTS on my web page. Select they type of quilt youíd like to share and follow the directions on that page.

What were they thinking?! Yes, thereís another addition to that page too: Maybe they meant PHONICS?

Kathy Bís email signature was so wonderful that Iím stealing it. Here goes: I wish that all the world were Quilters...we could bind our wounds, mend our differences, harmonize our colors and blend our borders. Author Unknown

Ainít THAT the truth!

Have a wonderful quilty day, free from knots and tangles. And, may all your puckers be on your lips! Ami Simms


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