June 2002

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The Ami-Simms-Newsletter
Copyright 2002 by Ami Simms

Here we are again, just in the nick of time. It's been a whirlwind month! I can finally reveal what I've been working on for the last 10 weeks, I found some awesome things at Quilt Market, and it's SUMMER! (At least today.)

Welcome everyone. Thanks for double clicking. As always, help me spread the word by forwarding this newsletter (in its entirety) to 100 of your closest friends. Be sure to tell them where to sign up: and click FREE NEWSLETTER. Or have them email me directly at: AmiSimms@aol.com.

Before you do anything else, head over to for the latest quilt on the auction block for Leader Dogs For The Blind. The auction will close on the 11th, early in the morning, so don't forget to take a peek and bid generously. It's a great cause.

I'd like to keep this going, auctioning off one quilt each month, but I'm running out of quilts. Send me orphaned blocks, completed quilts, or tops. (Use the address at the bottom.) I'll be soliciting volunteers to help me put this all together later in the summer. I'm also looking for a Flint, Michigan volunteer to sew buttons on a Puppus Doggus quilt. Strong fingers required.

Yes, he's got note cards of those wonderful wooden quilts. If you missed getting them at Paducah, head over to

Kansas City was so much fun. It took me almost the entire three days just to check out every booth. I had a blast. I found some great things including a pattern called Boogie Birds. I can't wait to make it and seeing as I'm a nephew and a half behind, I need to get busy. I guarantee a smile. Check it out at

I also learned about Quilting Mice. Wait until you see them---they're so cute. Use them to guide your quilt when your feed dogs are down. They're weighted little grippers covered in fake fur. They're totally safe for your quilt. (I even used them to quilt on photo-transfers.) They are the brainchild of Carol LeRoy, an RN and ergonomics specialist, who knows lots about pain free quilting. See them in action at

And, I discovered some wonderful variegated thread by Superior and if you win this month's prize, you can see first hand how much fun this stuff is.

The lucky winner of this month's prize at www.MalleryPress.com will take home a 10-pack of Superior Threads' Rainbow 40 weight variegated trilobal polyester thread. Trilobal polyester has a silk-like shine to it and the new reformulated Rainbows thread now has a tighter twist. The colors change about every inch for maximum variegated effects.

Use it for machine quilting, longarm quilting, embroidery and other decorative stitching. Or put it on the shelf in your sewing area just to inspire you. The colors are luscious. Enter as often as you like at

(Superior Threads also publishes a free e-mail newsletter all about thread. I've learned a lot about how it's made and the best needles to use with which weight. Sign up for your very own copy at

Perhaps you've already won! The Cathy Miller CDs, that is. Check here:

I've just completed a 10-week class for six very special quilters. At least they're quilters NOW. When we started back at the end of March some were sewers but three had never driven a sewing machine before.

I thought it would be fun to help them make photo-quilts for their graduating seniors. Their kids have been friends with my daughter for years---some dating back to Early Pre-K. We met at my house, in secret.

I couldn't have been more proud of them. Everyone finished, all the kids were surprised, and best of all I don't think their first quilts will be their last. We're already planning the next project.

To see the quilts visit and click on "Graduation Photo-Quilts.

(And if you're curious as to why this newsletter barely made it out on the first of the month, the presentation of the quilts was last night. And my thimble was still warm, if you catch my drift. Commencement exercises are tomorrow....)

As long as I'm bragging, check out Susan Berberich's photo quilt celebrating her daughter's graduation from Veterinary School. She's done a beautiful job.

Paula Moser is looking for pattern testers for a double-sided cat tote bag made with shaggy plush felt, webbing, and normal-type quilting supplies. E-mail her at toofunny@usadatanet.net for more details. Please do so by June 15. Put "CAT BAG PATTERN TESTER" in the subject line of your e-mail and be sure to share your quilting experience, and snail mail address with Paula.

If you laughed with me at Bruce Cameron's book, "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter" you'll be happy to know ABC is planning a television show of the same name starring John Ritter as Bruce. Remember, you heard it here first. Unless the information is incorrect, in which case I never said a word.

Subscribe to his e-mail newsletter by visiting

Mary Ann from THE DOOR MOUSE in Bettsville, Ohio wrote to tell me that the third Monday of each month is Picture Play Day. Anyone that wants to participate can cut and trade squares. The only requirement is that they have a copy of Picture Play Quilts. To get your copy, visit: To check out The Door Mouse visit

Smuchinsky shares three little words from Steve Ruberstein's column in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Hold on, please."

Say this as soon as you realize you're talking with a telemarketer, set the phone down, and just walk away. Return to your phone to hang up only after you hear the "nobody is on the line" beeping from the telephone company.

This he claims would make the "boiler rooms" so inefficient they would have to close down. Should we try it? Couldn't hurt. Unless you forget to eventually hang up the phone.

I'd also like to hear your snappy one-line comebacks to telemarketers. Hit reply, change the subject line to TELEMARKETER, and please don't forward the entire newsletter back to me. I already have a copy. :)

I'm always hitting the wrong keys when I type. I shift and my START menu pops up. I click CONTROL when I mean to hit ALT. I'm a mess.

BUT…I just accidentally discovered that if you hold down CONTROL and spin the wheel on your mouse (that is if you HAVE a wheel on your mouse) then the type size on some web pages (like mine) gets bigger and smaller depending on which way you spin the wheel. Your very own Wheel of Fortune. Imagine that!

Enjoy the warm weather and give your kid a hug. They grow up faster than you think. Ami Simms

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