June 2008

The Ami Simms Newsletter
June 2008
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The mosquitoes are out. It must be summer. So are the bumble bees, the creepy-crawlies that inhabit the lawn, and the sidewalk ants. If you need me, I'll be inside where it's safe.

There are 24 quilts ready right now for your bidding pleasure. All profit funds Alzheimer's research, so please bid generously. There are some very special quilts this month, including quilts made by noted quilting celebrities Judy B. Dales, Gabrielle Swain, and John Flynn.

In addition there is one quilt signed by a regular "Who's Who" of the quilting world including Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Eleanor Burns, Carol Doak, John Flynn, Hollis Chatelain, Charlotte Warr Andersen, Judy B. Dales, Karen Kay Buckley, Nancy Brenan Daniel, Paula Nadelstern, Jackie Robinson, Susan K, Cleveland, Judy Mathieson, Valerie Hearder, Marti Michell, and a bunch more. Forty-one quilting luminaries in all have put their signatures on this quilt in support of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

But wait, there's MORE! Sue Grafton, the author of the "alphabet mysteries" (A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc.) is up to the letter T (for Trespass). On a recent book tour, AAQI board member Kathy Dennis snagged her autograph on fabric for a very special quilt that could be yours — if you bid on it. What are you waiting for?!

Check out the carpet at the Hilton Waikoloa as you Watch Your Step.

Juanita Allain made a Twisted Sisters quilt for her sister:

And, Ann made one from curtain scraps!

Susan shares words of wisdom as she wonders What Were They THINKING?!

June is a busy month for me. I'll be in Battle Creek, Michigan on the 9th with the Cal-Co Quilt Guild in Battle Creek for a lecture. Then, from the 13th to the15th, I'll be at the Quilters' Consortium of New York in Syracuse. After that, I have a free lecture on the 25th in Davison, Michigan where I'll be talking about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Then on June 28th is another workshop in my "@Home" Classroom here in Flint. I'd love to have you in class. Please contact the program chairs listed in my Teaching Schedule.

Madison T. Dog here for the Golden Retriever Report. First, I'd like to comment that I will be present at the "New Way to Piece: Applique" workshop that Mom is teaching in the "@Home" workshop on the 28th. While I do not quilt, I am a fine assistant. After vigorous wagging and moderate sniffing as I greet each workshop participant, unlike some workshops Mom teaches, I have very little to do at this one except deliver water bottles when students are thirsty. On the whole, I will probably sleep most of the day or hang out in the yard with Dad if the weather is nice. Dad and I mostly do manly outdoor things together, like lawn work. Dad mows the lawn and I water it.

(….it's still me, Madison)
It has come to my attention that it will be fairly cold in December again this year, and I know how much Mom hates the cold weather (even more than she hates the hot weather). Planning ahead, I think it would be nice to visit Florida. They have warm weather there most of the time and I have enjoyed many fun times with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their canines. So, I've convinced Mom to drive me to Florida this December!

And, I would like to meet each and every one of you along the way. Besides, it's a long drive and I thought that would break up the monotony — not that Mom's boring. I'll be sacked out in the back of the car, and well, after a few hours she starts talking to herself. We'll also need to do something to pay for gas and kibble, so I've taken it upon myself to book her some speaking engagements along the way.

If your guild is along I-75 or whatever road it is that goes between Flint, Michigan and Jupiter, Florida and you've always wanted Mom (and me) to come to your guild for a lecture, now's your chance. Put MADISON in the subject line and email me. I'll coordinate our trip based on who is interested, where you live, how warm it is, how far off the highway you are, when your guild meets, and how many dog treats you promise to give me. So get a hold of your Program Chair (or Sofa) and let's see what we can cook up. This handy form will help. Copy and paste it into your email to Mom: AmiSimms@aol.com

Your Name:
Guild Name:
Guild Location: (city/state)
Best Date:
Meeting Time: (morning, afternoon, evening)
Anything you want to add:

(…back to Mom!)

At long last I've begun blogging. I love it. If you want to read up-to-the-minute posts on what's going on in my life, head over to my blog.

When you're there be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so that you get each post in your very own email box whenever there is a new one.

Other national quilt teachers are blogging too. There are a few listed on the blog ring.

As I was visiting some of the blogs I found the coolest site listed on the Piece O' Cake blog by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins:

Scroll down until you reach the post about FREE RICE and you'll find a fun site to build your vocabulary. I got up to a score of 40 before I quit, but my efforts donated some rice in the process. Try it!

Somewhere on my blog is link to get one of my books for $2 off. Let's see if you can find it! Thanks, Ami Simms (hint, hint)

What was that URL again? www.amisimms.wordpress.com

I'm going to be interviewed by Rosie Gonzales from the Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop on Wednesday, June 4, 2008 from 11 to 12 PST. Apparently you can call in during the show and ask questions. (There's a phone number on the web page: 877-474-3302)

It will be archived so you can listen later and also podcasted.

Here's more information.

Please do. Forward the ENTIRE thing to all your friends and even some of your enemies. Everybody enjoys a laugh or two. Please do NOT forward just part of it. Somehow my name gets dropped off when these things float through cyberspace and since I’m writing them for free, I should at least get credit for writing them. If you write a guild newsletter (real paper or online) and would like to “reprint” a particular part of the newsletter you must ask first. Here’s how.

Be good to each other,
Ami Simms