All presentations are digital. I bring my own digital projector and laptop (although a backup laptop is always recommended).

You will need to provide a low table for my electronics, a heavy duty extension cord, a screen, and a way to make the room dark. I also bring quilts to show, the shipping of which may be your responsibility if I can't fit them into my carry-on bag. I will work within whatever shipping budget you require.

You were great, can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.
Mary Hussman

Thank you for sharing your quilt journey with us. Haven't laughed like that in a long time. You helped me realize I take life way to serious...You sure inspired me!
Marian Velarde

I told everyone that I haven't laughed so long and hard since many years ago having attended a Bill Cosby performance, you were wonderful, touching our funny bones over and over because we could so relate to your experiences.
Karen Piacentini

For anyone who hasnít had the opportunity to attend one of Amiís lectures, runÖdonít walk to get a seat if you have a chance to go!

Betsy Vittinghoff
Freeport, IL

You are a class act, Ami. Don't know of any other lecturer would send a thank you out to the audience. Enjoyed the show.

Anne Wawrzyniak
Verona, WI

Thank you for the most fun presentation in a very long time. I was tired, and had to really self motivate to get myself to make the drive to the meeting. I had no idea what I was in for! I have not laughed that much in ages! You have an incredible sense of humor, and it was pure pleasure to listen to you speak. What a great uplifting surprise! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Best wishes in all that you do!

Laurie LaConte
Acton, MA