Madison's Trip to Tennessee

Madison's Trip to Tennessee
Mom and Dad took me to Tennessee last week. We drove. Actually Dad drove. I'm not allowed to drive and Mom hates to drive. She's not too happy riding either, unless she's sewing. She does her Invisible Applique on her Quilter's Portable Workstation.

She's been working on her Midget Double Wedding Ring quilt since I was a puppy. (It's not even a top yet. Just pieces. And she calls herself a professional!) but, at least she sews in the car without throwing up.

Anyway, Mom drove once on the first day as we headed south from Michigan and after about 10 minutes she blew up a tire. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but Dad went back behind the wheel and Mom put her thimble back on. As you can see she didn't just get it flat on the bottom.

Dad, otherwise known as "Mr. Safety" was prepared for any eventuality. In addition to the spare "donut" tire that lives under the car somewhere, he thought it would be a good idea to put a great big extra wheel in the back of the car. (Mom rolled her eyes.) But, she loves him a lot so she said OK. They took out the middle seats for me and folded the back seat down for the tire. I don't mind sharing. When the tire blew up Dad got a lot of extra points.

Before Mom even got connected to the AAA in Ohio, a nice man in a neon green and yellow jumpsuit (with orange trim) pulled up behind us. He works for the state of Ohio and changed our tire in about 90 seconds for free! (Thank you, Ohio tax payers.) On the way to the exit ramp to fill the "new" tire with air, a rock hit the windshield. Don't worry; the trip got much better after that.

That's me and Mom in Berea, KY. I got to walk around the Berea College and look in the shop windows on the main street. Dad got to play with the tire some more. Mom and I saw parts of the "Men of Biblical Proportion" exhibit through the windows and some other cool quilts and stuff.

After Dad bought another replacement tire in case we had second flat, we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains and it was very nice, but here I am with Dad at the entrance to the Oconaluftee Indian Village in Cherokee, NC. (Canines are welcome!) We saw beading, weaving, pottery, arrow-making and lots more. Mom scoped out the pottery designs, which might be "quiltable."
That's me with Mom at Sonic. We ate a lot of meals outdoors because of the dog thing. It was really windy. See how funny Mom's hair looks?

Mom says I look like I just got up from another nap!

And that's me at the Chicamauga Battlefield. Dogs are welcome here too if they are attached to a 6 foot leash. And I am. Technically.

We visited an Amish community in southern TN and Mom bought a really ugly "English" quilt that was poorly made and filthy. She wouldn't even let me lay on it. She said she wanted it because she couldn't figure out how the lady made it. Or why. Dad and I rolled our eyes. I met an Amish dog, but mostly I stayed in the car with the "new" spare tire and the dirty, ugly quilt that I had to stay off of.

My most fun stop was Memphis. We stayed at the Westin which was the fanciest hotel ever. They gave me my own fluffy doggie bed and scented plastic bags for Mom to collect my presents in. We ate out at a nice outdoor restaurant where everyone made a huge fuss over me.

I got to visit the gift shop at the Hard Rock Café.

Personally, I think they should make me the official mascot, don't you?

Later we learned I wasn't supposed to be on the famous Beale Street because I am an animal/reptile.

In the picture below you'll see me and Mom at the FedExForum across the street from the famous Gibson guitar store. Have you ever seen such a huge tennis ball?! I am very happy!

I got to go on the Duck Tour. Mom and Dad got yellow plastic quackers so they could quack at pedestrians as we toured the city on an amphibious vehicle from World War II. It drives on land and is a boat too, all without getting out of your seat. I sat under the seat and went to sleep except when we drove downhill into the river and I slid under the seat of the people in front of us. They said they didn't mind.

It was a really great trip. I got to visit Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana. I can't wait to see where we go next!

(Posted July 1, 2007)