May 2007

May 2007
The Ami Simms Newsletter
May 2007
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Linda and Ami — see story below.

Thank you for coming to the web page to read this newsletter! I've got all sorts of fun stuff to share, so let's get started!

I must say that Paducah was overwhelming. No other way to put it. I got a chance to see lots of old friends, and meet wonderful new ones too. I had talented students in my workshops, I was pleased with the way my lectures went, and I got to White Glove the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece quilts for a few hours. The only thing I missed were the quilts and the vendors. Yeah, I know — I'm pathetic. There just wasn't time. My dance card was plum full.

Special thanks to Linda M. Poole's Fairie Goddess Mothers online group who donated 186 Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts and presented them to me in the atrium of the convention center in front of flashing cameras and the Channel 6 news. I gave my first television interview (lead story after the advertisement). Amazing! I'm still stunned!

The Paducah Sun also ran two articles, one about the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece traveling quilt exhibit. And this one called Fundraiser for Alzheimer's gains 186 quilts.

AND, an article I wrote about the AAQI was featured in The American Quilter magazine.

Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece is about to become a book! I just OK'd the color proofs yesterday and returned them to the printer. They will use them to match color on the press when the book is printed this week. After the insides are printed, the pages will be folded and move to the bindery where the cover will be attached and the book trimmed to size. This is a little ahead of schedule and very exciting.

The cover features detail photographs of all 52 quilts.

Please do not wait to order your copies of the book. It is a gorgeous book and the artist statements that were too hard to read through your tears in person will be waiting for you between its covers. Celia McCulloch's book design is fabulous, and the quilts themselves are so touching. You will never read another book quite like this. If you know someone touched by Alzheimer's and want to help but didn't quite know how, give them a copy of this book. They will be comforted knowing they are not alone and that you care. You will also be helping to find a cure for this disease. All profit from the sale of this book goes to Alzheimer's research.

There is also a chance that if book production continues ahead of schedule we MIGHT be able to get them out before the postal rates go up on May 14th. No promises, but if there is any possibility, we'll try our best.

  • The May auction is up and running. Bid early and bid often.

  • We've raised $63,214.41 for Alzheimer's research since January 2006. Click here for details. Someone at the lecture I gave on the AAQI in Paducah asked how much of the money has been donated. Nearly all of it. The money raised from the auctions goes directly to the Alzheimer's Association earmarked for research. Ditto for donations. Profits from CD sales, etc. is turned over as soon as we can get the paperwork processed. It doesn't hang around here very long.

  • Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims showed off the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts they purchased in Houston last year on the newest episode of The Quilt Show . Episode #103, Vizualizing Color with Joen Wolfrom, features a segment shot in Houston last fall and an amazing photo montage about the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts that Ricky set to music.

  • Yes, I need more Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts! I want to bring 1000 quilts to Houston. I need YOUR quilt to make that happen. We've only got 6 months to go and I only have 338 quilts. Subtract about 20 for each monthly auction from now until November and that leaves 238. One hundred quilts will sell at the NQA show, so I've really only got 138. Every little quilt helps.

  • Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece will be at the Denver National Quilt Fest II May 3-6. If you're able to print off some flyers for me and deliver them to the show, please email me. If you're going to my presentations in Wisconsin this weekend, or the NQA Show in June, email me for the file, print some off, and give them to me there.

  • White Glove Volunteers are needed at the NQA Show in Columbus, June 7-9. If you have an hour to spare, please click here.

I've got copies of the Twisted Sisters DVD and they could be yours. Check out the special Introductory Price.

Amy and Jack are getting ready to come home. They have just a few more letters to share. Click here to read their April letter.

Spring is finally here and I'm a very happy dog. Mom will finally switch to walking OUTSIDE the mall instead of inside so I can come with her every morning.

Mom will also come outside and play more. Nature Girl, she isn't. She has a comfort range of about 3 degrees above or below her optimum comfort level which is when it is 72 degrees outside. And not windy. If she were a dog she would be the kind that you have to carry around in a handbag all day and listen to it whine.

I enjoy all kinds of weather, as long as the sun is shining and there is no chance of rain. I am terrified of thunder and rain is a sure sign that thunder is coming, so I try to get a head start on my panic attack when it rains. Pretty soon I will start being afraid when it LOOKS like rain. Mostly though I like to sit in the sun. Even on top of snow, the sun feels good. That even seems strange to me as I am relatively bald on the part of me that touches the snow. But the part of me that faces the sun must make up for it.

Mom bought a new toy for me which I like a whole lot. It's a Tennis Ball Flinger. I'm sure there is a proper name for it, but imagine an orange plastic stick that has a handle at one end and a place at the other end to snap in a tennis ball.

So get this, we go outside and Mom gets ready to throw my tennis ball. Naturally, knowing it's Mom throwing I go long. Not. I move out about four and a half feet turn around and get ready for a grounder or one to the head. She and the ball are not "one," if you catch my drift. Anyway, she flings the ball and it almost hits the fence — we're talking 200 feet or more! I was totally amazed. Naturally, I ran so hard to get it that I tripped over my own back legs (I get confused sometimes) and after I fell over the ball I turned around, backtracked, and picked it up.

Having my mouth propped open by a tennis ball is the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. It somehow turns my nose into Super Sniffer and I am compelled to run back and forth sucking up as many smells as I can possibly inhale. Sniffing apparently effects my hearing as I just can't hear the "BRING" command as clearly as when my mouth is shut. I also become only marginally interested in returning the ball to whomever threw it. Eventually, I stop inhaling, stop running back and forth, and if the person hasn't lost interest and gone back in the house, I trot back and drop the ball at their feet. And then I lay on it.

This must be genetic. I would very much like to have Mom throw the ball again, but it's mine now, I went and got it, and I think she should fight me for it. Sometimes I put my paw on top of it and impersonate one of those old fashioned cast iron claw foot bathtubs. Mom just lifts my paw to one side, loads up the Ball Flinger and hurls it again. That's really swell because I get to smell more stuff on the way back.

I have another toy. It's a ball with a fat rubber band stuck in the side. Mom's not allowed to throw that one. She either gets it stuck in a tree or hurls it accidentally backwards over the house into the front lawn. That's a Dad toy.

I received a bath today. You can read about how I learned how to be so good in the bath here.

Thanks to Norma S. for sharing this wacky video.

I got this from several people. Just follow the directions:
1. Click on "maps."
2. Click on "get directions."
3. Type "New York" in the first box (the "from" box).
4. Type "London" in the second box (the "to" box).
5. Click Get Directions.
6. Scroll down to step #23.

TOADs - Tossed Out, Abandoned in Disgust
PINS - Projects I'll Never Sew
and Fabric Acquisition Road Trip (you can spell that one out.)

Ron and JoNell suggest this peaceful video.

Laurie shares her cowboy stash.
Check out the great border on Deb Lancaster's Twisted Sisters quilt.

Sharron E. wrote, "We held a polka dot party and made a bunch of these for give-aways to our quilt customers. Ours were made with polka dot fabrics and we called them "polka-snots" or Snotty-dots."

I'm sure I forgot something….I guess I'll tell you in the June newsletter!

Be good to each other,
Ami Simms

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