May 2008

The Ami Simms Newsletter
May 2008
Copyright by Ami Simms

It is spring in Michigan, with bright sunny days and balmy temperatures in the low 70's followed immediately by frosty mornings and cold winds. I wish Mother Nature would just make up her mind!

My "@Home" classroom here in Flint, Michigan was a huge success. Students said very kind things about the space AND the lessons, and have begun signing up for the next three workshops I have scheduled. Here are the offerings.

May 17th: Twisted Sisters:
June 28th: A New Way to Piece: APPLIQUE
July 12th Introduction to Machine Quilting and Basic Binding

These are small classes with lots of teach attention.

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative has gone back to the "old" way of doing the online auctions, directly from the AAQI web page and updated manually by yours truly:

This is a Slow & Silent Online Auction, with 24 quilts all set to receive your bids. Please bid generously as all profits go to fund Alzheimer's research. Start your bidding fun here.

If you can't e bothered with an auction, you can pick up a quilted post card sizec quilt in time for Mother's Day. All post cards are $30. Mom will love it, and you'll both feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing that the profits go to a good cause. Visit the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative web page and pick out the one you like before they're all gone.

Nell Summerlin and Fran Hessler made beautiful Twisted Sisters quilts. Diana Poltorak made a Yike Stripes quilt from my book, "Picture Play Quilts."

See Nell's quilt here:
See Fran's quilt here:
See Diana's quilt here:

Debbie Shute found a great patchwork floor in St. Louis, MO:

Virginia Farrell, Bettyann, and Deanne share their stashes. Do you have the courage to look at them?

Hello again. Madison here. It's time for my canine commentary and Mom says I can write about anything I want.

Mom is getting very stressed out. I think she is going to blow a gasket. People are calling us all the time wanting us to buy things we don't need. Mom went to the national Do Not Call Registry and typed in all our phone numbers, even the cell phones. It takes 31 days for the telemarketers to get the message.

There is one company that so far has not gotten the message. They call several times a day. Mom has talked to real people and their supervisors. She has left messages too. She very sweetly asks them to put our phone number on their Do Not Call list. They say they will, but they never do.

Now we have a new plan. Mom puts them on hold. In my mouth. I love to hold things in my mouth and the phone is easy. Mom puts the talking part in my mouth and I hold it. I tend to exhale loudly and sometimes I burp, but I rarely drool. Mom gives me a pat on the head if I burp when the telemarketer is talking. We have so much fun together.

Mom has the suitcases open right now because she's leaving me again tomorrow and I am sad all over. I get all mopey when she leaves and I sit by the door for the first day she's gone. I also help her pack. I drop my tennis balls into her suitcase so she'll have something to chew when she gets to the hotel. I take out her socks so she will have to come home when she discovers there are missing. So far my plan hasn't worked yet. She returns my balls and I have to put her socks back.

We saw a puppy at the mall the other day. He was a Golden Retriever too. He had all his fur shaved except for a 2-inch strip down his back. Everywhere else he looked almost naked. The strip of fur went all the way from the top of his head, between his shoulders, over his butt, and down the top of his tail. He looked like a dog with a Mohawk. I just don't understand kids today.

I was born on July 14th 2001. Mom says she can remember the date because it's like Valentines Day except in a different month. I'm going to be 7 years old soon and my fur is turning all gray. I like to remind her that even when I calculate my age in dog years she's older.

We Goldens look like we are smiling. I am smiling now, Mom. See? Back to you, Mom.

After I get back from Wisconsin and the It's A Stitch Quilt Show, I'll be visiting the Village Quilers of Lake Bluff in IL for a lecture and a workshop May 20 and 21. On June 9th I'll be with the Cal-Co Quilt guild in Battle Creek, Michigan for a lecture, and the Quilters' Consortium of NY will be hosting me June 13-15. I'll be giving a free lecture at the Evening Star Quilters in Davison, MI on June 25th. Please email the group I'm visiting if you want to attend workshops and/or lectures. Here's my fullschedule.

Mary L. and Niki G. shared these videos with me. Both are amazing and about horses, and as different as night and day! Enjoy!

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May your thread never tangle and your knots always hold.

Ami Simms