No See Ums™
Quilt Hanging Starter Kit

No See Ums™ Quilt Hanging Starter Kit
No See Ums™ Quilt Hanging Starter Kit
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No See Ums™ Quilt Hanging Starter Kit
No See Ums™ are fantastic for hanging quilts. They're easy to "install," and nothing detracts from the beauty of your quilt. No wires, no ugly clamps, no drilling, no math, and your quilt will be perfectly level on your wall.

Best of all, once you get the brackets up (see instructions below) you can change quilts, even if the next quilt is a different width. Quilts go up and down in a snap. Brackets are easily removed, without leaving marks on the wall (unless you use screws, not included). I wish I'd discovered these years ago—before I put all the holes in my walls!

"No See Ums"™ Quilt Hanging Starter Kit The kit comes with TWO No See Um™ brackets (perfect for quilts up to 50" wide), four Command™ adhesive strips, and a bright orange magnetic level. You'll need a screwdriver, some sticky tape, two PostIt™ notes, something to stand on, and a spring tension curtain rod to fit your quilt.

Kit with directions by Ami are by special arrangement with The Hang-Ups Company.


I love these hang-ups. It is so much better than putting a million holes in your walls. They are very expensive and very worth it.
Corinne Meharg
Cazenovia, NY
Bought the starter kit a while back. Best thing since sliced bread!! Reasonable price too. Don't stop selling them---just got a new condo in Davison and the place in Fla. will need some too. I'll be buying as my Visa card allows.
Wanda McAdams FL & MI
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and I love these brackets. Your "kit," along with my purchased spring rods, saved money and worked great. I now have 2 quilts hanging in places that I didn't think I could put them...

Thanks so much for your great customer service!
Shirley in Shreveport