Ocean Waves
©1995 by Ami Simms

Obviously, this is a quilter's joke. Get it? Ocean WAVES?!

The quilt top actually made the local news back when I was piecing it. We were reported to be the only household in the metropolitan Flint, Michigan area NOT watching the Super Bowl. I was hosting the First Annual Super Bowl Sunday Quilt-In and that was back in 1994. I didn't pick up the pieces again until the next year, and then it was another six months before the quilt was finally finished. (A second quilt, cut out back in 1994, is still in a box under my ironing board. Wish me luck. Yeah Team!)

The quilt lives in my sewing room and in real life the fingers come in real handy (sorry) for hanging things. I see I also pin junk to the borders to remind me of what Iím doing, and, yes, when Iím in full swing it looks as though a tornado just went throug. Every time I get the urge to clean it up I lay down until the urge passes.