Piping Hot Binding by Susan Cleveland

Piping Hot Binding by Susan Cleveland
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Piping Hot Binding by Susan Cleveland
Take your quilting skills to the next level with Susan Cleveland's Piping Hot Binding. The 16-page, illustrated booklet will show you exactly how to insert awesome corded piping between your quilt and your binding, the "Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool" (included) will make construction of the piping an absolute breeze, and the 5 yards of 1mm cording (also included) will give you no excuse not to try it as soon as your package arrives.

No fooling, this works. I did it. First time. Click on the small picture and you'll see my first corner with the incredibly even orange binding blown up 300% so you can really see it. (The piping is only about 1/16" wide in real life.)

Susan explains which sewing machine feet you can use to accommodate the cording—the #3 foot on my Bernina worked like a charm—as she holds your hand through the entire process. Go for it!


This is the same cording Susan includes with her Piping Hot Binding Tool and Booklet, we just know you'll have so much fun making piping that you'll want to add it to just about every quilt. Price is PER YARD, one yard increments only. Don't forget to purchase a little extra as you'll have to pre-shrink it.