Use the right scissors for the job. Longer cuts (trimming log cabin strips, cutting out applique shapes) should be made with a longer blade from 5" to 6". Again, stick to one or two layers of fabric.

Cutting multiple layers requires a sturdier, thicker, and blade, at least 7" long.

Lots of layers (up to 8) then the Fiskars below is the only choice.

These are the scissors I use!

Perfect Scissors - Large
Micro serrated blades make fabric easy to cut. Large cushioned handles make cutting so much more enjoyable. Perfect for either hand. I've been using these to cut Minkee Blankee plush fabric for my Amazing Puzzle Balls.
Perfect Scissors - Curved
Turn you hand 90 degrees to scissor off threads at the surface of your quilt.
Kai 5 1/2" Embroidery Scissors
My "go-to" scissors for cutting clothesline, lopping off fabric that hangs off where it shouldn't, and ending threads after a seam on my sewing machine. They're short, sharp, sturdy, and incredibly versatile.
Fiskars Rag Snip
Cut through 8 layers of batik with these babies! They're the perfect scissors for fringing the fabric on my Rag Fur Jacket!