*Scented Poop Bags

Mom really likes these. First time she used scented bags she was waiting for me to, you know, and she thought the neighbor was doing laundry. Smelled just like fabric softener. Every morning. She thought to herself, "Geez, that lady next door does a lot of laundry." (That's what she said to me.)

Turns out the next door neighbors are as dirty as we are; it was my poop bags that smelled so nice. Until Mom filled them up. Then no amount of perfume is going to help, trust me.

There are a lot of different brands and amounts you can buy. We like these because they smell good and they are biodegradable.

Click the picture above or click here to purchase.

If you want to save money, click here to get the really big box. About $.04 each.

Note: If you're out walking some place, it's a good idea to have your mom or dad put a roll in your pocket. It's NOT a good idea to tuck the knot of a FULL BAG under the back windshield wiper on your car. Especially if you forget and turn on the wipers.

Mom would like to apologize to any cars behind her on Miller Road that day it rained. Really sorry.