September 2008

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September 2008
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There's a little nip in the air, so fall can't be far behind. Time to dig out the long sleeves and find where I hid my sweaters.

DID YOU MISS MY BLOG? If you're not reading my blog you've missed little Ami "bits" including some strange sign sightings, pictures of cool quilts, duct tape on airplanes, weird sink handles, how to pick batting, news about my mom, two dogs who need adopting, a report from Madison, and fabric bowls!

Scroll through the last month of my life in reverse, starting with the most recent posts first. Get text of each blog entry emailed to your inbox by signing up for free. Then all you have to do is click and be transported electronically to the images inside my head. Simple enough, and yet slightly frightening.

I've been totally blown away by Susan Breier's book, IT'S A WRAP, and I've been wrapping clothes line with strips of fabric and making fabric bowls on the sewing machine! They're so fast to sew and they look so cool! I even blogged about it.

When you order your copy of the book I'll include my recipe for cutting bias strips and why I prefer them to straight cuts. AND, I'll throw in directions for making a handy-dandy tool that I invented for wrapping the clothesline so I could POWER WRAP in the living room and in the car, any place you can sit down. It is super fast compared to wrapping as you go.

This is the last workshop in my @Home Classroom for 2008. I'll show you what I've been up to and we'll play together. Workshops are held in Flint, Michigan and this one is on October 4th. It might just be worth the drive to Flint! Sign up now; space is limited.

If you're not using Pat LaPierre's Supreme Slider for your machine quilting, you don't now what you're missing. Quit fighting with your machine! This is a 100% Teflon top on a self sticking bottom. Lay it on your machine bed (there's a hole for your needle) and it stays put giving your quilt zero friction as you free motion. It's awesome. I love mine. Get one for yourself here.

For those of you who are new to this newsletter, I'm the founder of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, a grassroots, Internet-driven effort to raise awareness and fund research through art. One of our projects is a monthly Internet auction of small format quilts, and we need YOU to buy them. (And make them.)

Well, they're up and ready for your bids. And there are some incredible pieces this time around. Actually, all the time, but there are two this month that have itty-bitty pieces that will just blow you away. All the profit is used to fund Alzheimer's research. Please bid generously right here, right now:

Dianna Storck finished her Twisted Sisters quilt. She's used the template to create the border too. Way to go! See her quilt here.

See other Twisted Sisters quilts (more than 75 of them) here.

There will be an upcoming blog post to show you what you can do with those tiny, good-for-nothing scraps leftover from cutting your Twisted Sisters patches. Sign up to get my blog here.

Want to join the Twisted "Sisters-hood" and make your own Twisted Sisters quilt? If you're a reader of this newsletter and order by midnight EST Tuesday September 2nd, I'll autograph your pattern for you. Write your first name in the comment section with a note for me to autograph one for you or a friend. This is a special limited offer; limit three per order.

It's time again to wonder What Were They Thinking. There are new pictures to ponder. Go take a look.

Meet Kelly, the reluctant blogger at " Make, Grow, Gather." She's got some wonderfully creative ideas. I might pass on the paint chips, but have I ever got a collection of old plastic bags to iron! (See what I mean?) Kelly's got extremely professional podcasts. That might just be because her "real job" is for an NPR-affiliate. She's a reporter and producer. Yowza! Check out her blog!

Mike O'Neill invented the Jimi wallet, for people who hate wallets. It's a plastic case, available in a bunch of cool colors, that hold five credit cards and three folded bills. That's it. It's made in the US from recycled and recyclable materials, and the company donates 1% to the environment. And he's got a sense of humor. The Jimi comes with "operating instructions" the first of which is "Do not eat." Mike is one of the 2nd round contestants in Forbes' Boost Your Business competition for $100,000.

Go vote for Mike O'Neill. It's really painless. After you vote, check out the Jimi wallet .

I've added a Sept 5th presentation in Goshen, Indiana in conjunction with an exhibit of "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece." I hope you can make it. Madison will be there. Details are here.

Sandy emailed me about my quilted clothes chute. Trouble is I remember I was going to blog about it, but I can't for the life of me remember why? Sandy, what did you want to know?!

Please do. Forward the ENTIRE thing to all your friends and even some of your enemies. Everybody enjoys a laugh or two. Please do NOT forward just part of it. Somehow my name gets dropped off when these things float through cyberspace and since I’m writing them for free, I should at least get credit for writing them. If you write a guild newsletter (real paper or online) and would like to “reprint” a particular part of the newsletter you must ask first. Here’s how.

Be good to each other and have a great quilting day! (Or several!)
Ami Simms

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