Sticky Template Plastic

Sticky Template Plastic
Item# STP3

Love making templates? Yeah, right. Me neither. The plastic slips, your hand gets in the way, and you can't stay on the line to save your neck. That's why I invented Sticky Template Plastic. Make perfect templates without tracing. Just peel, stick, and cut. Your quilts will look so much better!

Sticky Template Plastic: It's Easy As 1-2-3!
1. Peel back the release paper to reveal the sticky side of the clear, rigid template material.

2. Place your original paper pattern onto the sticky side of the plastic and replace the release paper.

3. Flip the Sticky Template Plastic over and cut on the lines with a regular pair of scissors. You'll be cutting on the lines the designer intended, so you know it's accurate. And did I mention it's easy?

Sheets are 8.5" x 11". THREE sheets per pack.
Heat sensitive. Do not iron.

It's Great For Appliqué!
Peel back release paper, carefully place pattern pieces "right side" on sticky side of Sticky Template Plastic. Replace paper and cut on pattern line.

The paper side of the new template will help keep the template from sliding while you trace.

Place fine sandpaper under your fabric while you trace to stabilize it.

Make Window Templates!
Rotary cut paper to cut-size of patch. Draw line 1/4" from paper edge on all sides. Cut on line to remove center. Carefully place "window frame" on sticky side of Sticky Template Plastic. Cover exposed sticky center with clear plastic wrap, part of a plastic bag, or cellophane used to wrap flower arrangements and gift baskets. Trim away excess with utility knife. Cut Sticky Template Plastic using edge of paper as guide.
Piecing Sticky Template Plastic Is Easy!
Butt Sticky Template sheets together, then use scraps to reinforce "seams." Read the step-by-step tutorial here.
Make Luggage Tags?
Place business card face down on sticky side. Trim even with card, punch hole. Place other side of business card on sticky side of second piece of Sticky Template Plastic. Trim even with card/plastic, re-punch hole.

Easily turn any pattern into a rigid template to make tracing easier.