Ami's Store

Ami's Store
The last date to order is Wednesday, November 29th.

Everything I sell is either Ami-created or Ami-approved. I want you to be absolutely delighted with whatever you purchase from me.

You will never pay more than $13.95 for shipping to a US address,
no matter how many things you buy!

We accept Or, have us process your credit card. It's your choice.

Please read this important information before you order.

*In case you were wondering, the needle I was trying to pull out was a triangular rug needle. It made a matching triangular divot in my front tooth. After the dentist stopped laughing he buzzed off about an eighth of an inch off the bottom of my left front tooth. And then he had to do the same to my right front tooth so they'd match!

What tool should I have used? Definitely not a rug needle! But, had I been wearing the pinky finger tip cut from a pair of old rubber gloves on my index finger, pulling out the stuck needle would have been easy.

Ami is a delightful quilter with a store that thoughtfully offers very useful tools for anyone who likes to sew or quilt. She has an amazingly witty style as she describes her store items and personal life. She is a quilter, author, fabric designer, and very kind. I have used her famous Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern to delight many kids and adults. Your items will be packed in a recycled box or material which is great in my opinion and orders arrive very quickly. I just love Ami Simms!!!
Janet Borchers
Meadow Vista, CA
I am delighted with every aspect of this purchase experience. My order was packed in a sturdy box and cushioned with eco-friendly materials. It arrived very rapidly, and the shipping cost was minimal. I wish others who sell online did even half as good a job as Mallery Press. Thank you!
Alpharetta, GA
Your online store is perfect and I have never had any problems with it. And delivery time is exceptional. Others could learn a lesson from you.

Mary Wentz
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I received my PowerWrapper on Saturday. Wow! That was fast! I ordered it on Wednesday. Thank you for the little extras that you packed inside. Loved the template sample.
Linda Parshall
Jackson, MI