Tooling along the back roads of rural Michigan several summers ago we passed a road sign that said "Indoor Yard Sale” and I didn’t have my camera! I really do KNOW what they were thinking, but it just broke me up anyway and I giggled all day.

They Want Your Business!
Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Good Sign
Dragons (bumper snicker)
Odd Juxtaposition of Magazines
Unusual Mail Box
Great Bar B Q Sign
Quilted on Both Sides
Fresh Fudge?!  (From The Outhouse?!)
I'll Have To Remember That!
Spend a Day on Spelling?
Fresh Antiques
Just Not Right
No Kidding!
Bumper Singer
Mising Letter, I Hope
HOW much a gallon?!
ONLY?! Think about it!
Translation, please?
Get To Class!  (I dare you!)
I Should Hope So
Don't Move A Mussel
In Other Words, DUCK!
Could You Be a Little More SPECIFIC?
The Easy Way
Let 'em pass!
Tie Dye WHAT?!
Flippin Good Sign
Frog Crossing!
Better Than _____!
Hula Walker
Words To Live By
It's ALL $1.50
Now THAT'S Great Advice!
A Forgone Conclusion? How Sad!
Huh? Camel Crossing?!
Eat Here, Get Gas!
Unfortunate Proximity
Deli & Tackle Shop Combo
Underwear Shopping
Reluctant Horses?
I've Heard Of Those Places Before
SENIOR Crossing?!!!
Get a saw!
Anti Monkey Butt Powder
Or Would You Rather Be Towed?
Morals Aside, Is the Furniture OK?
Well Stocked
Probably sounds Worse Than It Is
Take That Exit Over There!
Speeding Sign
Baby Sale---And Cheap, Too!
Democrat Parking Lot?
How Romantic
Something's Not Quite Right
Which Way Did She Go?!
Love The Sign
That's Some "For Sale" Sign
I Never Tire of A Good Pun
Please Don't  WHAT?
Ranch Crossing
Funeral Home in Buffalo
I'd Rather See Where He Slept
I'm So Glad They Have A Place To Call Their Own
Great Restaurant Name---NOT!
Great Gifts For Mom
Pork for Passover?!
Long Life!
That's Some Deal!
Now Hiring WHAT?!
That's Some NAME!
Not A Very Safe Safe!
I'll have some BISQUITS with that...
Ace is the place with the really confusing sale!
Just Trying To Help
Directionally Challenged
Ooops! Nix the Knitting
Gosh, what a safe place...
Can they DO that?!
New Twist in Road Sign
Unattended Children
Absolutely NO Writing on the Walls!
Cleanliness is next to Godliness
A little CRAMPED, don't you think?!
Interesting Forms of Payment
Truth in Advertising
Location Location Location
Way to sell yourself!
Divieto di Pesca
That's Some Special!
Watch Your Step?!
What Could It BE?!
Fish Crossing
Doesn't Leave Too Many Options
Valentine Special
Yup, that's BIZAARE!
Tag Free?!
Yeah. Looks like fun to me!
Rocket Science?
None for me, thanks...
Gee, I hope so!
Well, DUH!
Stay out of the shadows
Make up your mind!
Four Food Groups
Frozen WHAT?!
Shoe Tree?
No Parking!
That's Some Selection!
One Stop Breakfast
The Same in Any Language...
Senior Tanning
Translation, please?
Tell it like it is!
Encouragement is good...
WHAT kind of limit?
Traditional Alaskan Cuisine
Have A Nice Day
Remote WHAT?!!!
That's some combination!
Closed to HEAL!
Quintessential  Flower Bed
A Little Difficult
11th Commandment
Body Lotion
Cup of Chili
Location, Location, Location!
Les's Rest Area
Contraband Alchohol and Weapons Available INSIDE
Welcome Moose Women
Spellcheck FABRIC?!
Stay Away From The Chicken!
Just Because<br>It's The Name Of Your Town...
You Mean I CAN'T Do This Standing Up?!
Free To Good Home
Seems just a little drastic.
Obfuscation Personified
Dentist's Delight
Sudsy Malone's
Fyr Fyter?!
Shish Ka CAR?!
There went MY<br>depth perception!
Overflow Parking
Loose Senior Citizen Center
An Odd Combination
Isn't This OBVIOUS?!
The Answer
Old People
Great Hours
A Little Optomistic, Aren't We?
Truth in Advertising
Just so wrong
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