"Thank you so much for the great class today. I am not the best quilter or piecer so I am sincerely grateful when an inspiring and patient teacher takes the time to offer personal guidance to all of us. I mentioned in class that I have been reading your email blog for years now and I look forward to and appreciate your wit, passion and dedication."
Michelle S.
San Fernando Valley, CA
"I totally enjoyed the class. You are one of the few teachers who actually teach the whole time. Nothing bothers me more than to pay for a class, and have the teacher show off her stuff, sell her stuff, and you go home and make the quilt. That actually is a compliment, not a complaint! You never stopped teaching and that was worth triple the price of admission. Thanks for all the information, it was nothing I probably couldn't have figured out, but the tips and tricks were what I would never have gotten."
Glen Parks
Baton Rouge, LA